Goodwyn Health Tea Box,Premium Green Tea And Herbal Tea Blends (Jasmine, Tulsi, Kashmiri Kahwa, Green Tea, Peppermint & Chamomile) - Best Diwali Tea Gift Box

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CONTENTS:•Chamomile tea: A delicate and soothing infusion of chamomile blossoms. • Peppermint tea: An infusion of hand-picked refreshing peppermint leaves. •Jasmine Green tea: A blend of green tea and fragrant jasmine tea blossoms • Kashmiri Kahwa Green tea: A traditional Kashmiri blend of spices with green tea leaves • Tulsi Green Tea: A delicious botanical blend of green tea with the goodness of tulsi leaves • Green Tea: This superior grade of green tea captures the freshness of the mountains.
HEALTH BENEFITS:• Chamomile tea: Anti-depressant, Better Sleep, Relieves Stomach Ache. • Peppermint tea: Good Digestion, Relieves nausea, cough&cold. •Jasmine Green tea: Good for the Heart, Cholesterol Absorption, Antioxidant Properties. •Kashmiri Kahwa Green tea: Stress-busting, Relieves from a headache, Regulates Blood Pressure.•Tulsi Green Tea: Cleansing&purifying, Antibiotic, Strengthens Immunity, Detoxifying.•Green Tea: Boosts Metabolism, Reduces Obesity, Enhances Immunity.
IDEAL TIME:•Tulsi Green Tea: Morning •Jasmine Green tea: Post Breakfast •Peppermint tea: Afternoon •Green Tea: In-between Meals •Kashmiri Kahwa Green: Evening •Chamomile tea: Night.
CONTAINS:10 Tea bags per flavor. 10X6= 60 Tea bags. RECOMMENDED: 2 Tea bags per day.
ABOUT GOODWYN TEA: Farming, Processing and Packing the choicest of Tea at our own Tea Estates, we cherish every little detail about tea, right from our Gardens to Tea Cups. Dedicated to bringing the most authentic teas to tea lovers in the form of loose leaves and Teabags, people at Goodwyn ensure that their teas are 7 times fresher. And in case it matters to you, the fresher the tea is, the healthier it is!


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