Goodwyn Esteemed Indian Tea, Cube Gift Box (Rhino Assam, Masala Chai, Darjeeling, Jasmine Green, Darjeeling First Flush, Kashmiri Kawha) 6x50gm

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  • Goodwyn Esteemed Indian Tea Gift Box
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  • CONTAINS• All Six Flavours of Premium Indian Loose Tea Leaves come packed in individual Elegant Cube Boxes each weighing 50 grams.
  • ABOUT GOODWYN TEA•Farming, Processing and Packing the choicest of Tea at our own Tea Estates, we Cherish every little detail about tea, right from our Gardens to Tea Cups. Dedicated to bringing the most authentic teas to tea lovers in the form of loose leaves and tea bags, people at Goodwyn ensure that their teas are 7 times fresher. And in case it matters to you, the fresher the tea is, the healthier it is!
  • PERFECT GIFTING OPTION FOR FOREIGN CLIENTS AND TRAVELERS• A Convenient and Light Weight Gift in a Sleek Box which easily fits into your travel case or bag making it an ideal Indian Souvenir for Foreign Clients who can enjoy the best of Indian Flavours and Indian Culture in a Tea Cup!
  • CONTENTS• Rhino Assam:Classic Assam Black Tea which is enjoyed at all parts of day• Masala Chai:Tea blended with Traditional Indian Spices•Darjeeling Tea:The world's most popular tea from Darjeeling's Hills• Jasmine Green: Scented Tea made with Organic Green Tea infused with Jasmine Blossoms• Darjeeling First Flush:Known as the Champagne of Darjeeling and is made with Tea Leaves from the First Pick of Spring• Kashmiri Kawha Green: A Traditional Kashmiri blend of spices with Green Tea Leaves.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS• Rhino Assam Tea: Known to Improve the Immune System•Masala Chai: Has Numerous Health Benefits and is known to Enhance the Immune System•Darjeeling Tea: Helps Strengthen the Immune System, Lowers Cholestrol and Prevents Obesity• Jasmine Green: High in Antioxidants•Darjeeling First Flush: Known to have several Health Benfits including Boosting the Immune System and Detoxifying the Body• Kashmiri Kawha Green: Relieves Stress, Relieves from headache, Regulates Blood Pressure.

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