• Aug 19, 2018
  • Alex Troop

In earlier times, people used to drink an ordinary tea by brewing some tea leaves into hot water. Then comes the time when the market started to flourish with various tea options like Oolong, Fruity, Masala, Peppermint and so on. In the present day, tea has achieved a new dimension due to the splendid benefits of it.

When it comes to benefits, then Green Tea is the most significant option to consume. It is enriched with various health benefits and becomes more acceptable, when it mixes with the super herb tulsi. The alluring amalgamation of tulsi and green tea is the perfect option for a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s read on about reasons for being Tulsi Green Tea a super beverage.

Makes You Stress-Free:

This amazing herb has anti-stress properties. Therefore, drinking this drink after a busy day will surely give you a relaxing effect. A cup of Tulsi Green Tea soothes nerves, regulates blood flow and helps in controlling cortisol stress hormone to give you a positive mindset. The level of cortisol is the chief reason of stress and anxiousness. Drink this amazing tea when you are feeling stressed and relax down yourself.

Encourages Weight loss:

Tulsi Green tea reduces extra fat from the body. Hence, it is a boon for the obese. Drinking itregularly helps in improving metabolism.TryTulsi Green Tea of Goodwyn to begin the process of weight-loss.

Helps to Energize the Body:

According to the scientific researches, sipping it in the morning can improve stamina, strength and endurance in human body. Start your day with a hot cup of Tulsi Green Tea from the house of Goodwyn to begin the day with a positive mood.

Delivers Antioxidant Nutrients:

To slow down the oxidation process and to help our body get rid of free radicals, anti-oxidants are essential. Green tea, flavored with tulsi is a rich source of anti-oxidants, which can balance the oxidation process of our body as well as the premature ageing. Enjoy this tea in the morning or after dinner according to your convenience for better health and skin.

Keep sipping Tulsi Green Tea and enjoy the super benefits of it!