• Oct 23, 2017
  • Goodwyn Tea

Tea has always been the first choice of beverage for every health conscious person. The logical proof keeps on mounting about the various health advantages of drinking tea. Several current scientific research studies have discovered numerous potential health properties related to tea.

In the course of recent years, investigation has discovered that drinking black, green or oolong tea may offer some security from cardiovascular infection and disease, lead to diminish the danger of kidney stones, and reinforce bones, teeth and the immunity system.

The Power of Tea Flavonoids

Apart from containing no calories, salt, or fat and being free of additives and preservatives, tea is rich in flavonoids. Numerous positive health effects of tea are ascribed to the normally happening flavonoids in tea which go about as Antioxidants.

While tea can't replace vegetables and fruits in the eating regimen, science has demonstrated that tea leaves contain a greater amount of the compound than most antioxidant-rich agents. The antioxidant action in some tea is equivalent to seven glasses of squeezed orange, five medium-sized onions or four medium-sized apples.

Cardiovascular Health

One of the numerous zones where scientists have found convincing proof that tea's antioxidant action can have a positive effect is cardiovascular health. Studies have discovered that individuals who frequently expend at least three or more cups of black tea day by day have a diminished danger of coronary illness and stroke.

Scientific research recommends that drinking black tea can enhance cholesterol levels and vein work and decrease oxidative harm, which are all-hazard factors for cardiovascular illness.


Tea is likewise demonstrating awesome guarantee as a potential specialist in the battle against a few sorts of cancer including skin, oral, lung and ovarian malignancy, and in addition growths of the stomach related framework.

The preparatory research comes about propose that the flavonoids in tea go about as powerful antioxidants that can battle free radical harm, hinder uncontrolled cell development, and advance modified cell demise or apoptosis, which could assume a part in fighting off malignancy.

Kidney Stones

Science has discovered that drinking tea can help lessen the danger of kidney stone advancement.


Caffeine is a characteristic part of tea and is viewed as safe when expended with some restraint.

An adjusted eating routine can incorporate a moderate admission of caffeine with day by day prescribed utilization cut-off points of between 400 to 450 mg. This is equal to 10-12 cups of tea for each day.

Real caffeine levels in tea are reliant upon the particular mixes and quality of the tea mix, however, most servings contain just 25 to 34 mg. Tea contains 33% to one half less caffeine than coffee.