• Sep 18, 2019
  • Alex Troop

This Diwali go a bit different from the usual gifting norms and choose best tea gifts to spread a smile among the tea lovers. Read on.

Diwali is regarded as the ‘Festival of Light’, and it is also a festal occasion that celebrates family bonding and unity. Tea gifts make fantastic presents for the occasion, as tea is a popular beverage that is consumed by almost every family during Diwali. A tea gift comprises of some amazing flavors that can be the best presents for about anyone. Know about some of the best tea gifts for the occasion.

Black Tea Gifts

It consists of black tea, which is the kind of tea that is most abundant and the leaves are completely oxidized. This type of tea has a robust flavor and the amount of caffeine is higher as well.

White Tea Gifts

White tea is pleasantly inviting and is prepared out of the buds of leaves. The beverage has a comparatively subtle taste along with the inherent, natural taste. This one is usually processed by hand and is brewed at a low temperature.

Oolong Tea Gifts

These are between green and black tea, when it comes to the process of oxidation and the entire caffeine content. There are distinct aromas and flavors exuding freshness.

Green Tea Gifts

You can get a wide variety of health benefits from this type of tea, when it comes to the anti-oxidants and nutrients that are present within. This kind of beverage is recommended very highly for the overall advantages for health and the ability of the drink to help the body lose weight.

Indian Chai Gifts

It can be an amazing option for anyone who loves Indian chai in its real taste. The box comprises of 3 types of special flavors, including Benares chai having the standard taste of the regular masala chai, Ayurvedic chai that has a wide variety of natural ingredients that can improve overall well-being and Paan chai, which is an innovative combination of the best types of tea having betel leaves.

Assorted Tea Gifts

These have various types and flushes of tea, such as Himalayan Moonshine, Golden Buds Loose leaf tea, Autumnal red Thunder Flush of Darjeeling and more.

Gourmet Tea Gifts

If you love Indian chai in its actual taste, gourmet tea gift baskets can be a fantastic option. These have high quality tea that is meant for people who love refined sensuous enjoyment. You can get a variety of tea items that can boost your energy levels as well as give you many health benefits.