• Jul 08, 2017
  • Goodwyn Tea

If your morning does not start until you sip of your favorite brew and if you are a healthy thinker, then probably, a wellness tea blend(s) is all that you need to steer to from your regular cup. Wellness Teas are relatively new names in the market making a buzz for quite some time.

The Wealth of Health In a Cup

Wellness teas, as the name suggests, are brews with something to do with wellness, you might be guessing similar things inside your head, right? Dear reader, wellness teas don’t have ‘just something’ to do wellness, but these are all about wellness.

So, what exactly these blends are and what makes them different from regular blends? Let’s read on –

What Are Wellness Teas?

Wellness teas are unique blends of tea (Camellia sinensis) and different types of herbs with specific physical and emotional benefits. And, these are different from regular blends because, unlike other teas, these amalgamate varieties of botanicals, especially herbs and occasionally spices to provide your body with targeted benefits.

So, whether you are looking for a steaming concoction to alleviate the symptoms of seasonal ailments like cold and cough, sore throat or flu or just want to boost your overall wellness, you are always likely to find a perfect combination according to your needs.

Want Your Brew To Be More Purpose-Driven?

Tea has always been linked to many health benefits and prevention of a number of health conditions including, heart diseases, metabolic disorders, high blood sugar levels, allergies and even cancer. Also, this beverage works wonder on your mental health by reducing stress and enhancing your memory and concentration.

The same is true for herbs, as well. If you explore the world of herbs across different specialties of alternate medicine like Ayurveda, Western Herbalism, indigenous medicine and Chinese Medicine, you will find a plethora of herbs offering a number of health benefits like teas do and even more.

So, if tea and herbs can be so beneficial when evaluated as different entities, you can imagine how beneficial and healthy their combinations will be like. Yes, this is the reason why, wellness teas offer more purposeful and targeted actions. The teas work as a catalyst for herbs and the vice-versa.

Let’s take an example – a cup of simple tea, especially green tea, can help you with weight management, blood glucose management and metabolism regulation. Adding herbal supplements that also serve the similar purposes, will make the concoction more purpose-driven. The same approach can also be used for other health conditions.

Want To Cut Back On Caffeine?

Wellness teas also help you with cutting back on your everyday caffeine intake. In comparison to wholesome regular teas, wellness tea blends contain less caffeine. So, replacing your regular cup with a wellness cup can help you minimize your caffeine intake.

Want The Access To a World of Flavors?

Every tea blend has its own taste profile. Some people might find some flavors too subtle, whereas for some drinkers the bitterness might be off-putting. The same can be said for herbs, as well. Some are quite floral or fruity and offer pleasant flavors, while some are too bitter to be liked.

By combining different blends of teas and herbs in varying ratios, you can open yourself to a world of limitless flavors.

So, now that you know about the world of benefits Wellness Teas bring to your cup, feel free to sip your favorite blend along with your regular diet.

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