• Jun 02, 2017
  • Goodwyn Tea

Most of us complain about dull parties and places, getting increasingly tired of doing the same things every day. Funnily enough, respite doesn’t lie further than simple traditions that bring you alive. “Tea Dance” is just like your favorite beverage- rejuvenating and necessary.  Summarized in a sentence, this ritual is all about dances, gatherings, scrumptious treats and ultimately a good old dose of tea. However boring your life is at the moment, this classic English indulgence can spark an effervescent quality in your living.

Tea Dance

Before the heritage is revived, go through the modus operandi of conducting this soiree fitly:

The History

Our grandparents placed a lot of importance to enjoyment of the afternoon hours; quite contrary to how we structure our engagements. This dance was in vogue during the 20th century, having evolved from afternoon tea gatherings in the 1880’s to a pleasurable jamboree. A full-fledged celebration of life, people gathered to treat themselves to groovy music and swaying to its rhythm. At the time of its origination, guests gyrated to tangos and waltzes, while the Charleston became an infatuation during the late 1920s. The exuberance of a tea dance party depends on the hosting capacities, but it remained more of a suburban affair in England.

Acing the Dance

Introducing the Tea Dance concept again and letting it sink in will probably take some effort. It will be astute to introduce vintage dance forms that are a lot of fun. Old songs for foxtrot, waltz, tango and cha cha cha are ideal if you want to keep the “old-school” vibe intact. Since dancing is pivotal to the tradition, it’s a must to follow seasoned enthusiasts who can steer the room in one direction and keep everyone on their toes! Having a partner come down to a social dance is agreeable, but it can be invigorating to meet new people and learn something alongside.

Food and Beverage Heaven

Nothing beats the woes of life better than tea and cake coupled together. In addition, tea dances always have generous supplies of sandwiches, iced drinks, biscuits and tea. The prices of an open bar are generally included in your ticket so it’s never a pocket pinch later at the venue. Dancing indubitably makes both the lazybones and spry go thirsty in a couple of minutes! That’s when you realize the blessing of a nice old cup of tea.

Looking Your Best

By all means, follow the dress code to feel in sync with the spruce and chic attendees. After all, parties are incomplete without such vigor. Women can opt for comfortable day dresses with platforms while men choose a classy shirt and trouser combination to don. Look smart, but keep your movements unrestricted!

If you are enchanted by the tea dance stories and trivia so far, take out the ice blenders to organize one during this sweltering season. Welcome family, neighbors, friends, children and pets into this gathering for a blithesome affair. Hope that everyone takes cue and this becomes a weekly affair for tea dancers to mingle!