• Feb 06, 2020
  • Alex Troop

Tea is offering wide-ranging health benefits since ages and when it comes to the healthy tea blend, Green Tea is the best one to try. From curing skin issues to managing extra weight, everything can be cured by adding this amazing drink into your diet. Before buying the blend, here are some facts about green tea that you should know along with the benefits of it—

Types or Flavours of Green Tea:

With time the taste has changed and the recipes as well.  You can select any variation according to your choice, however, some specific green tea flavours are ruling the market. Like- Matcha, honey lemon, chamomile, mint and so on. Each of the variations is different from others and the manufacturing process as well. Hence, you are free to choose any flavour to enjoy the amazing benefits.

Benefits of Green Tea:

Stimulates Weight Loss:

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and these properties help in losing weight gradually. Nowadays, dieticians are prescribing this drink too for rapid weight loss. Hence, include this drink in your diet and experience the change. Besides, it boosts metabolism as well to give you a smooth weight loss journey.

Maintain The Cholesterol Level:

Bad cholesterol can damage your health, on the other hand, your body should contain some good cholesterol. Having green tea daily will help you in maintaining the cholesterol level. It increases the good cholesterol and reduces the bad cholesterol to give your better health.

Makes You Smarter:

According to study, the habit of drinking green tea daily can make you smart by increasing the functions of your brain. As it has caffeine, though less than coffee or other tea options, it helps your brain to think faster and the caffeine works as a stimulator. Hence, it can be said that this tea blend can do more than waking you up in the morning.

Boosts Immunity:

According to research those who drink green tea regularly have better immunity than others. This drink helps in fighting against bacterial diseases, cough and cold. Hence, to boost your immunity power, adding this in your regular diet is essential.

The benefits of Green tea are uncountable. It is one of the healthy tea variations and with time the recipe and flavour have improved, however, the benefits have remained the same. Try your favourite flavour now to experience better health.