• Aug 26, 2019
  • Alex Troop

People love to receive and send the diwali gifts. But, budget is a constraint in such a situation. You can now get such exclusive gift items within Rs 1000.

Are you looking for an attractive diwali gift? Is traditional gift your preference? One can easily discover the same over here.

  1. Tea In Exclusive Gift Box

Today, tea has become an exclusive gift for people with all moods. You can easily get the tea of different flavours and variations under this item list. During the days of Diwali, people perform different types of rituals. The sip of aromatic tea will make your mood on for a long and cheerful day. You can easily think tea as a gift idea during Diwali. You can easily get this within the Rs 920.

  1. Handmade Ceramic Mugs

You must have bought many mugs for tea from the market. But, have you ever tried the ceramic mugs that are made with own hands? This can probably be one of the great ideas for your friends and relatives. Yes, you can get this unique gift in Rs 900.

  1. Go Natural With Green

People always have a fascination towards nature. People love to keep potted plants at home. During Diwali, if you wish to hand over the exclusive gift to your loved ones, a potted plant on the bright colour cup and saucer designed ceramic pot will be a great idea. You get this within the range of Rs 700-Rs 900.

  1. Gift For Illumination

Diwali is the festival of lights. Thus, it is always good to have some gift which has the same theme. A t-light candle holder can be one of the best gifts you can have for your friend and relative. This has several designed holes from where the light will pass and make your home beautiful. You can get this within the price range of Rs 500.

  1. Mirror In A Box

Girls always look for unique gift items. Thus, when the receive one of it from a relative, friend or office colleague they will be very happy. An antique wooden box with a compartment and a mirror fixed in it can be one of the wonderful gift items. You can get it within the price range of Rs 950.

  1. Dry Fruits And Nuts

Most people enjoy having the dry fruits. But, since they are little costly, it becomes hard for them to afford and consume. Now, if you can buy this for your friend or relative during the time of diwali, this can bring happiness on the face of receiver. You will receive the gift between Rs 600 – Rs 1000.

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