• Jun 24, 2018
  • Goodwyn Tea

Top Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans formed Chamomile Tea as an infusion. Though it is known and consumed as a tea in this present era, it does not contain the leaves of Camellia Sinensis. For this reason, Chamomile is not only considered as a tea but also as a tisane.

An Aid of Insomnia:

Drinking this tea regularly can reduce sleep disorder. It calms down the nervous system to provide you with a peaceful sleep. Chamomile contains anti-oxidant that promotes sleepiness and improves the overall sleep quality.

Cures Cancer:

Apart from curing sleep disorder, the anti-oxidant properties presented in this tea can cure certain types of cancer.  According to studies, it can fight cancer cells, especially of the breast, digestive tract, skin and uterus.

In addition, another research has shown that those who drink this regularly, are significantly less prone to develop thyroid cancer than those who do not drink Chamomile tea.

Controls Blood Sugar:

Are you suffering from blood sugar for years and tired with the long list of medications? There is a good news for you. Now it is proved that chamomile can help in controlling the blood sugar level. The anti-inflammatory properties of this tea prevent the pancreas cells damage, which happens when the blood sugar level is increased chronically.

Keeps the Heart Healthy:

Chamomile Tea is loaded with flavones, a type of antioxidants. Flavones have the potential to lower the blood pressure level and cholesterol level, which are necessary to keep the heart in good condition.

According to a study, it is shown that diabetic patients who drink this tea with daily meals have improved their heart condition rather than who do not.

Other Health Benefits:

Apart from the above-mentioned significant health benefits, there are many other benefits too, like—

  • It is the best suitable option to cure the common health hazard cough and cold.
  • A cup of chamomile tea per day keeps you away from anxiety and depression. Therefore, when you are depressed, do not let your depression kill your mood. Indulge yourself in a cup of Goodwyn’s Chamomile infusion.
  • Do you know that drinking this tea regularly can give you young, beautiful and flawless skin? According to a survey, now it is no secret that it has an inevitable role in preventing the fine lines of our skin.
Hope thse above-stated facts are enough convincing to buy the alluring Chamomile collection of Goodwyn. Stay well by sipping this magical drink.