• Jan 24, 2019
  • Alex Troop

Benefits Of Tulsi Leaves And Tea

"Tulsi leaves was used from centuries to remove all types of issues related to health. Today, tulsi green tea is readily available to keep you away from diseases related to heart, common cold, headache, stress etc."

The plants with medicinal benefits can cure different types of health conditions. Tulsi is one of them which is been used from centuries to help people grow their immunity power. In English, it is known as basil leaves. Tulsi tree has some religious value and comes with divine properties. One of the most important benefits from tulsi leaves is curing the common cold and cough. Small kids are not suggested to give medicines now and then. The natural remedies with tulsi and honey help them stay away from seasonal cold attack. Today, herbal tea with the extract of tulsi leaves is available too. Sipping those tea everyday will provide great remedy.

Top Benefits Of Tulsi Green Tea

  1. Reduce Fat

The layer of fat is something that bothers every individual now and then. All of us wish to stay fit with a slim and toned body. But due to excessive intake of fast food or genetic reasons, fat layers develop. If you can drink tulsi tea on a regular basis, it will improve your body metabolism. As a result, burning of fat layer will take place.

  1. Good For Heart

Today, 2 out of every 5 people suffer from heart disease. The cholesterol in your body affects your heart with blockage in its valves. But, tulsi leaves have great benefits to prevent this problem too. It reduces your LDL cholesterol and even the level of fibrinogen.

  1. Relieving Headache

Sometimes we suffer from headache that is irresistible. Even the pain killers and other medicines may not provide any remedy. If you can have the tulsi tea, this will benefit you in relieving your headache issue.

  1. Digestion

Many people suffer from digestion issues. This gives rise to gastric, improper bowel movement and many more problems. But, you now have a natural cure for it. You can easily stay away from such issues with the regular intake of tulsi tea.

  1. Skin And Hair Improvement

Hair fall and skin unevenness is a major issue for many women. Every female is concerned about their beauty and presentation. But, if they gets itching sensation over their scalp or body skin layer, this might not be feasible. The Ayurveda has many benefits for this. Drink tulsi tea on a regular basis to get a cure for this.

You may easily get many more benefits of Tulsi leaves and the tea made with its natural extracts. Thus, keep on drinking tulsi tea leaves to stay healthy and fit.