• Nov 09, 2019
  • Alex Troop

The search for a perfect tea recipe nothing but priceless to a tea lover. Probably, this is why many connoisseurs have their own recipes and many drinkers have some specific café choice to satisfy their thirst for a cup of hot drink. Though a recipe of a tasteful tea depends on various things, in this blog post, top five facts, that dominates the flavours will be discussed. And to make these facts easy to remember for all tea lover here is a trick, all the facts start with “T”. Let’s start reading—

Tea leaves:

The relation of tea leaves with a tea recipe is inseparable. Both depend on each other and the significance of quality leaves need no introduction. It is the source of flavours, benefits. Needless to say, it is the king of the recipe and choosing a wrong or low-quality leave will ruin the entire experience surely. Therefore, if you are looking for an authentic taste, then you need to how to find the best leaves first.


Another important thing to consider is the teaspoon or the quantity. It depends on the recipe and how the drinkers like it. A combination of milk and tea or masala tea requires a good amount of leaves, while a green or liquor blend requires minimum teaspoons. Hence, you can make it according to your preference.


Many prefer their tea strong while others like it light. Do you know how to master this game of strong and light? It is all about the temperature and the number of leaves. Boil the blend on high temperature to make it strong and do the opposite for a light taste. Besides, distinct variations of tea require different temperature as well.


Timing is the most important part of any tea recipe. If you boil your Green Tea more than 3 minutes, then it is clear that it will not be taste-worthy on the other hand if you switch offthe oven without boiling your herbal infusion at least for 5 minutes then, you will not get the desired flavour.


The taste of your favourite tea depends on you. You can make it as you like it. However, the flavours play a great role in completing the experience.

Your tea should taste like your preference. Hence, make it as you like it. And always prefer fresh leaves.