• Aug 14, 2018
  • Alex Troop

Tea is the most acceptable beverage in the world. Most importantly, Indians cannot think of beginning their day without a cup of tea. Nowadays, tea is not only a cup of drink, but also an important part of our wellness.  Let’s read on to know about top four wellness teas and their incredible benefits as well.

Green Tea:

When talking about healthy teas, Green Tea is the first and foremost option to begin the discussion. From reducing the extra weight to help in lowering the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, this magical drink has the superpower to cure various health issues. Goodwyn has a plenty of green tea collections like Kashmiri Kahwa, Tulsi Green, Jasmine Green Tea and on. Each of the tea is enriched with different benefits, which can be beneficial for different people.

Chamomile Tea:

When you are suffering from stomach cramps or digestive problems, then there is no better option than this tea. The anti-inflammatory properties of the chamomile tea heal any kind of digestive hazards.

In addition, the chamomile oil is able to treat anxiety and depression by providing a refreshing feeling. To get the authentic flavour of it, you should try the Chamomile Infusion of Goodwyn. As it is enriched with the dried flower, it is the best option to give you the authentic taste and benefits as well.

Jasmine Tea:

Jasmine Tea is a kind of tea, which contains green tea as its base and loaded with the jasmine blossom for a splendid aroma. The benefits of the tea are not only due to the anti-oxidant properties of the tea plant, but also for the blossoms of the plant.

The health benefits of this tea include reducing the risk of heart attack, preventing cancer, improving digestive metabolism and so on.

Lemon Tea:

Drinking a glass of warm lemon water in the early morning is nothing new. The same benefit you can enjoy by drinking a cup of lemon tea. The anti-oxidants of the tea help in reducing weights, clearing the stomach, removing toxin from the human body. Try the beneficial Lemon Tea from Goodwyn to keep yourself away from cardiovascular diseases.