• Feb 17, 2019
  • Alex Troop

We all love to enjoy our foods; don’t you feel the same? A sore throat not only prevents you to speak freely, eat with satisfaction but also make your mood irritating. If you are facing the same problem often and do not want to try any medication, then you should try these tea recipes to get rid of the problem.

Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile Tea is the most researched tea and home remedies in Chinese culture. This is the best solution when you are facing sore throat. It has antibacterial properties that are efficient in fighting with bacterial infection by providing you with a calming effect. Hence, sore throat is not disturbing anymore, drink chamomile tea and back to your normal life soon.

You can try Chamomile Infusion, which is loaded with tons of benefits. The recipe is here to help you in making this amazing drink.


Like all the tea recipes, water is the base of this tea as well. Boil the water and add tealeaves to finish the making process. If you want it to make little spicy, then you can add cardamom, honey, into it.

Black Tea:

Being similar to green tea, black tea has its own benefits. As it is loaded with anti-oxidant properties, it can help you in shedding the extra kilos and solving your sore throat as well. Like the colour of the tea, it has a bold, dominating taste to please those tea lovers, who love their tea to be strong.

There are various Black Tea options, like- Assam Tippy, Earl Grey, Darjeeling Tea and so on. You can opt for any option, according to our favourite flavours and budget.


Boil the water into 200 to 212 Fahrenheit to start the process and brew the leaves for three to five minutes. Keep the concoction aside to cool down and then pour it into the cups.

Green Tea:

Days are gone when people consumed tea in the morning to restore energy. These days, teas are more than a cup of hot water. Now you can enjoy the authentic teas along with wonderful health benefits.

When it comes to choose the best healthy brew option, green tea comes first in the list. It is enriched with anti-oxidant properties and can boost the immune system and keep cold, sore throat at bay. In addition, the benefits of sipping this natural beverage can make you younger, slimmer, even it has the power of curing influenza as well.


Boil some water and add the tea leaves after switching of the burner. You can add some lemon juice or honey into the recipe to make it tastier.

Keep sipping these healthy teas and say bye to your sore throat!