• Jun 08, 2016
  • Goodwyn Tea

Monsoon! The most awaited season of the year. That eager wait for the first drop of rain after a scorched summer cannot be explained in words. No person on this planet can deny their love for the rains. Kids dancing in the rains, the colorful rainbows in the clouds after showers, the vast greenery that was lost due to a long winter and subsequent summer, all of these can make even the saddest soul smile. It can also be easily termed as the love season wherein lovebirds come out of their nest and enjoy the monsoons to the fullest. The so pleasant and mild weather automatically enhances our mood to a happier one.

Monsoons are romantic and monsoons make us hungry. While we go crazy for foods such as spicy pakoras, bhajis and samosas, our romance specifically starts for one thing. That is a hot cup of steaming tea. Just like love-birds, monsoon is the favorite season for tea lovers. Ask any tea lover about their favorite pastime during the monsoon and all will say the same thing. Sipping a warm cup of tea on an evening of chilly showers, sometimes alone and sometimes with someone special. It is also a time when tea-lovers try to explore their taste buds with a variety of teas such as Masala Chai, Kashmiri Kahwa Tea, Chamomile Tea, etc.

Mrs. Sunita Sharma, a tea enthusiast comments, “I am an avid-tea lover. Just like people make early plans for special events of the year such as Christmas and New Year, I prepare for the monsoon. I like to collect all my favorite tea flavors just before the monsoon arrives so that I can enjoy a different flavor with each pouring rain. One of my favorites is Darjeeling tea which is easily available online and is also one of the best. Even when I am on tours, I make sure that there is a regular tea supply for the hotel, so that I don’t miss out my morning and evening elixir.”

While the demand for tea shoots during monsoon, you can get them at attractive discount across various online sites. So what are you waiting for! Order Darjeeling tea online with a discount at Goodwyn Tea.

“A healthy cup of tea is the doorway that unlocks creativity and makes your soul come alive.”