• Aug 18, 2017
  • Goodwyn Tea

Diwali is the festival of extravagant fire crackers, decorative lights and mouth-watering sweets and needless to mention, gifts. So, this Diwali, what are you presenting your loved ones with? If your brain’s ‘gifting-idea matter’ is stuffed with same old and boring ideas like home décor articles, sweets, apparels, watches, etc., and you deliberately want to get out of it and make your gifts stand out, you need to think something unique and innovative.

We all know, that during a festival, especially if it’s Diwali, even the ‘calorie counters’ get a foodie makeover. Probably, you have been there done that. In such a season of food, fun and frolic overdose, you can think a bit off-track with healthy gifting ideas, something like attractive tea boxes and hampers. Let’s take a sneak-peek into these out of the box ‘tea box’ ideas –

Diwali Signature Tea Gift Box From Goodwyn Tea

It is a custom-tailored tea box crafted out of wood to add the elements of elegance to a present. It contains 8 blends of tea leaves, right from exotic fruity flavors to herbal to high-quality whole leaf teas. Each tea bag is designed like a pyramid so that the leaves get the room to expand when dipped in hot water and infuse it with an intoxicating aroma and wonderful flavor. The box also contains candles, dried fruit and honey twigs.

Rejuvenation Tea Box

It is another tea box from Goodwyn Tea that makes a contemporary and stylish gift item. This gift box contains vanilla scented candles and 8 wonderful tea blends packed inside pyramid-shaped tea bags for better infusion. Just imagine how rejuvenating the feeling of relaxing with a cup of aromatic flavors with the essence of vanilla all around could be.

Season’s Greetings Tea Box

Diwali presents cannot get better than tea boxes. It is another wooden tea box designed and curated by the Goodwyn Tea. It also contains 8 flavors of premium teas. The best part, the wooden box is handcrafted with lots of love and dedication. So, it has to be a wonderful present. The tea bags are designed like cubes which read thoughtful quotes and greetings for Diwali.

Power Break Tea Gift Set

Days have become super-busy, these days. People hardly get any time to rejuvenate. Be it office work or household chores, things don’t seem like ending, tasks are arranged one after another. How about stealing some own time with this tea gift set? It contains 5 green, 5 jasmine, 5 chamomile, 5 Kashmiri kahwa tea bags, 1 tea bag holder and 1 cup. All you need is to pour hot waters, wait till the flavors infuse and sip.

Eco-Friendly Jute Bags With Tins

This goodie bag contains 4 of the bestselling blends of Goodwyn Tea. The eco—friendly hamper contains reusable caddies of Rhino Assam, Green Pure Whole Leaf, Kashmiri Kahwa and Masala Chai and make an ideal gift for all occasions.

So, which Diwali gift could be as refreshing, unique and healthy as these?