• Sep 17, 2016
  • Goodwyn Tea

Diwali is knocking on the doors and we Indians are more than ready to welcome this festival of lights. Apart from spreading just light, it is a festival of spreading joys and happiness. Sending and receiving gifts during Diwali has been a tradition for centuries. Traditionally, people used to exchange sweets and gifts among family and friends, but now the idea has changed a lot. Gifting colleagues and clients has become a part and parcel of modern-day businesses. But when it comes to corporate gifting, the most common question that arises is - what can be a unique corporate gift?

Unique Corporate Gift

Gift is something we all love, isn't it? But don't we get bored of same gifts after a period of time? Definitely! Change is the only constant, remember!  The list of guests keeps getting longer while the unique corporate gifting options keeps getting limited. With the numbers of diaries, pens and desk calendars that we have received as gifts, we all can open a small stationary shop ourselves.

With that said, its time to break the taboo and be the first to think of something out of the box. How about gifting something surprising that leaves an impact on the recipients? Yes, you have read it right. Tea gift is something that qualifies as a unique corporate gift which would surprise your clients. Tea has been a loyal companion of small breaks we take between work in offices, thus deriving the name 'tea break'.  And how can we forget the relief it gives in between meetings that takes ages to complete!

Now that the gifting item is all set, the next big question that pops up is - where do we get such gifts? That's when Goodwyn Tea comes into play. As a premium tea supplier, we take the initiative to offer attractive tea gifts with exquisite packaging which are ready-to-go as gifts. As our belief is to consider gifts as an opportunity to leave a trail on recipients, we let you personalize the gifts creatively when you opt for bulk orders.

If you are wondering whether or not gifting tea is an interesting idea, remember that the leading brands are already doing it. Lots of renowned companies like, Dr. Reddy's, Simaaya, Silkland, Orion, Blue Dart and Skipper have made Goodwyn Tea their one stop destination for ordering unique corporate Diwali gifts. Now its your turn to make the right choice for your clients. With a touch of personalization, it is your best shot to make a long lasting impression  on your clientele.