• Feb 26, 2019
  • Alex Troop

Beverages are the sources of getting more powerful and getting on anytime when one is too full to have any food. Sometimes having regular tea can be tedious and therefore the taste buds of the tongue would deliberately reject it. The only reason of blended tea is to give us the different taste and refresh our minds every time we get a hold of that relieving evening or maybe want to spend time with a casual conversation. There are diverse tea types that have both aroma and flavour with the different breed of quality.

Still, we get through the blending process but why? Blending not only changes the taste of the “chai” but also has its medicinal values besides refreshing our mind. The two famous tea estates of India Darjeeling and Assam have lands to grow different kinds of tea. The leaves not only vary in their shape and size but gives distinct aroma and flavour when missed with milk and water. The blenders can be various tea leaves or maybe other substances which don’t have the slightest feeling of the tea. They do smooth the drink and change the colour and texture helpful for soothing and giving one different sensational delights. Different types of non-tea substances are herbs such as dried fruits, dried flowers bergamot and vanilla. There is a specific name of all kinds of blend one is the breakfast blend which is of two different types such as the English breakfast blend and the Irish breakfast blend. In this blend, tea leaves from different estates are mixed,and a new product is produced. The combinations are based on the Assam tea as they have the exquisite quality of malty and if added to other tea can enhance the flavour to a subtle extent. Keemun a black tea in China is known for its elegant blends.

Since it is expensive, therefore it is rarely preferred.  Indian tea or chai is also a very fantastic option for the mixture. It starts with black tea. Well, there are other options too such as the green tea and the white tea. The strength of the liquor is variant starting from mild and ending to be very strong. Millions in India drinks tea anytime; this refreshment drink never fails to be one’s closest companion at hard times. One makes the best beverage by mixing the black and green tea to have a fantastic experience and soothe himself/herself at any moment.