• Dec 24, 2019
  • Alex Troop

Green Tea is one of the widely consumed beverages across the globe. The medicinal benefit associated with the consumption of green tea is massive, and we are yet to know many of its benefits. We commonly associate green tea with weight loss, but one will be surprised to know, there are several benefits of consuming this particular tea. In this blog, we will try covering some of those benefits in details: 

  • Effective Fat Burner: The process of manufacturing green tea plays a leading role in making it so effective. The fermentation of green tea does not occur during production, which helps the leaves to retain its natural chemicals. The consumption of green tea accelerates the metabolic activity of a cell, thereby assisting in fat burning. 
  • Enhance brain function: Many researchers feel the consumption of green tea help in enhancing memory by improving connectivity in key areas of the brain. The amino acids present in the leaves, along with the caffeine helps in improving brain function. Green tea seemed to have a positive impact on people suffering from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.
  • Improves the immunity of a person: The presence of antioxidant Epigallocatechin Gallate helps in treating various diseases, and it is one of the leading reasons which impacted green tea positively. The bioactive compounds present in the leaves prevent the formation of free radicals, which protects the body from any damage. The presence of catechins prevents the increase of bad cholesterol in the body and maintains a healthy ratio between good and bad cholesterol. Antioxidants significantly lower the chance of having any carcinogenic cells in the body. A person consuming green tea regularly seemed to avoid diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Acts as a stress buster: The presence of theanine, a type of amino acids keeps a strong check on the development of depression symptoms. The calming effect it creates on the brain seemed to relax the brain cells during the time extreme stress. 
  • Skincare: The antioxidants have proved to be more than 200 times more effective than Vitamin E at nullifying skin-damaging free radicals. The free radicals formed in the body break the collagen down, which is a protein that makes us look young. If a person manages to lower the free radicals, he can keep the likes of wrinkling and other signs of aging at the bay for a longer time.