• Aug 02, 2017
  • Goodwyn Tea

If a tea addict is asked not to have tea in the morning, he or she is more likely to get slipped into sleep inertia. If you are also a tea buff, then you can relate to this very well, right? Do you dread the eerie feeling of not being able to have your favorite sip early in the morning? Do you find it a good idea to keep your favorite brews handy? Do you love exploring different flavors? Gift yourself some of the best tea blends from Goodwyn Tea to kick start your morning with a fresh and rejuvenating note. Or, you can also present some to your friends, relatives, employees, associates or anyone who feels, “A morning without tea is no good”.

Do You Have Any Idea About Tea Scroll Box?

A Tea Scroll Box is a unique gift tea item from the house of Goodwyn Tea that resembles a scroll. The one-of-its-kind contemporary design of the box along with its three amazing and traditional tea blends - Masala Tea, Rhino Assam and Kashmiri Kahwa, it is an ideal gift for all occasions. In simple words, it’s a mixed bag of traditional flavors brought to you in a contemporary packaging. The box contains 3 caddies of 50 gram of each variant and sealed to communicate freshness with a shelf life of 2 years.

A Delight For Tea Lovers

Regardless of the occasion, be it someone’s birthday, a farewell party, wedding anniversary or no special occasion at all, you can gift it to your loved ones without worrying, if or not they’ll like it, provided they are tea lovers. Jokes apart! The packaging of the Tea Scroll Box is very special and epitomizes class and elegance. No wonder why these products are becoming integral to corporate gifting. Big brand like Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Gokaldas Exports Ltd and others also love Goodwyn Tea’s tea scrolls.

Freshness Is The Key To Being Healthy

Tea is one of the most popular beverages not only in the Indian subcontinent, but the entire world. Proper farming techniques, impeccable processing, thoughtful packaging of the selected flavors of tea and undoubtedly hard work and dedication goes into making it to your cups directly from the tea gardens. And, this is how Goodwyn Tea ensures that their products, whether loose tea or tea bags are 7 times fresher than others.

The fresher a tea blend is, the healthier it would be.