• Dec 21, 2016
  • Goodwyn Tea

When you buy tea online from the best tea suppliers in India and brew yourself a cup, you don’t need to worry about anything in the world as you are at full liberty of doing as you like. But the scenario changes completely, when we are sipping the cup of tea in the presence of others.

Tea Etiquettes

As you are already aware about the steps to host a tea party, this is where etiquettes come into play. If you are already familiar with it, well and good. If not, not to worry because in these following two articles, we will be discussing the tea etiquettes you must know in order to attend any tea party.

First, we are going to discuss five important aspects related to the tea itself.

1. The terminology

Know in advance whether you are attending or hosting an ‘afternoon tea’ or ‘high tea’ or casual ‘tea party’. You always must ‘have’ tea and never ‘take’ tea. Similarly pour yourself and your guests ‘some tea’ and never ‘a tea’. Knowing these small details will help you to have an impression among your fellows.

2. Milk first or tea?

This is probably the most debated aspects of the tea- whether to add milk before or after the tea? Previously, it was advised to pour cold milk first, in order to protect the delicate china from boiling hot tea. Nowadays, however, we can rely on our tea ware and thus, always add milk to tea. This way you can make a perfect cup of tea as per your preference.

3. Tea stirring

Never stir it in a circular motion during a tea party. The correct way to do it is by moving it back and forth. For ease, imagine a clock in the cup and then move the spoon from 12 to 6 and vice versa. Be careful not to make any clinking sound as it is considered as inelegant. After you are done, a flick on the cup by spoon, in order to shake the drops of tea is acceptable. However, dumping the spoon in the cup itself is not. Always put it in the saucer (and control your temptation to sip from the spoon).

4. Placing the napkin

In a formal tea party, each one must have a napkin. Unfold it and lay it flat on your lap. Try not to wipe your lipstick on it. When you need to excuse yourself, leave the napkin on the chair, and never on the table.

5. Type of tea

Now, that totally depends on the host of the party. Usually it is advised to have a few flavors instead of just one. Best tea suppliers in India can help you with that of course.

Now that you know all about how to have your tea, get ready for our next installments, where you will learn about the etiquettes regarding how to hold the tea cup properly and have the accompaniments.