• Oct 21, 2016
  • Goodwyn Tea

India is a country known for its diversification. In this magical land, you can find chilling Kashmir in the north and scotching dessert in west. You can take a tour of marvelous architecture in the capital of British India and go on a romantic vacation on the beaches of Goa. You can live in the trendy fashion in Mumbai and explore the traditional cultures in Hyderabad.

Unity in diversification is what defines us. Beneath every tradition lies a rich heritage and history. But what is it that still acts as a connecting bridge between such extremities? Simple, our core value and love for tea. Indeed, we Indians are fond of tea, no matter where we go and what we eat. Tea remains the loyal companion of breakfast. You can buy tea online with just a click, while sitting at your home.

On that note, lets have a glimpse on the breakfast trays around various region of India.

1. Kashmir's kahwa

A trip to Kashmir is incomplete without a ride in shikara, a meal of rogan josh and a sip of kahwa. You can find this delicious beverage in any breakfast tray along with khambhir, a thick kashmiri bread. The rich taste and essence of this tea will have a lasting impression in your heart along with the beautiful valleys.

2. Rajasthan's camel milk tea

If you visit Rajasthan, a camel ride and dal bati churma is a must have to complete the tour. Their ideal breakfast consists of this wonderful dish along with a sip of chass, a spicy buttermilk to suite the arid weather. Though the tradition of tea is not hyped like the rest of India, yet you cannot miss the amazing tea made with camel's milk.

3. Bengali's 'bharer-cha'

There are two things found in abundance among inhabitants of Kolkata, love for 'maa' and addiction for 'chaa'. For a bengali, a perfect day starts with bengali version of puri called 'luchi' and a bowl full of aloo dum. In each of these breakfast tray, a cup of tea is must. This is either liker tea of milk tea, depending upon the taste. Your chances of finding a true Bong who does not fancy a cup of tea is as good as finding Harry Potter's invisibility cloak. In almost every tea stall you will find small earthen pots called 'bhaand', in which they serve tea.

4. Goa's sunbath and sipping iced tea

This place is an ideal destination for a amazing vacation, for both family and friends. Eating the famous Goan breakfast alle belle, a spicy egg roll along with Sipping iced tea while taking sunbath is a most enjoyed leisure activity. So, if you are not a fan of iced tea yet, then a visit to Goa may be a triggering point to do so.

5. Mumbai's cutting chai

A typical Mumbai breakfast tray consists of either Bombay sandwich or sabudana vada along with a glass of cutting chai. As the name suggest, cutting the chai means pouring half the quantity in the glass. Thus, people can have it several times a day at affordable price.

6. Hyderabad's kheri chammch wali chai

In Hyderabad, one can find several tourist places to explore along with several mouth watering dishes. Their staple breakfast consists of keema samosa, a samosa made minced meat filling along with glass of 'kheri chammach wali chai'. This glass of tea, contains so much sugar that the spoon literally stands in it. It is a must have if you are having sweet tooth.

Fortunately, you dont need to travel around the country if you're willing to taste these flavors of tea. You can find several of these unique blend of tea at our online tea store. Time to sip a cup of bhaarer-chaa!!