• Sep 20, 2018
  • Alex Troop

There is a custom of sending sweet as gifts to friends and relatives during Diwali. Those can be sugar coated sweets or those with deep fried variation. Also, you receive same type of gifts in return. But, these have become very old fashioned. People hardly wish to get such gifts. Today, the market trends towards the gift hampers. You will get all types of things starting from cosmetics, organic tea to some home decorative items. It is now possible get these surprises online.

Top Diwali gifts with the source

Delicious Koko Work

If you wish to win over the heart of an individual, try some expensive chocolates. It is now possible to get such variety from Koko works. You can now get exclusive flavors of such expensive chocolates with different flavors online. You will get the variations of dark chocolates, chocolates imbibed with pistachios and many more.

Ice Creams With Papa Cream

Who would not like to have ice cream? This is one of the dessert items that is liked by many people of all age groups.  But, normally we don’t bring the thought of gifting ice-cream. The reason is its vulnerable nature. It might take liquid state on the way. But, the papa- cream has made the ice- cream available in a special package which is protected in a container. You can get variety of flavors such as Pista, Kaju, etc.

Tea Lover’s Gifts From Taj Mahal Tea House

Special way of gifting tea during Diwali will win over the heart of the receiver. The Taj Mahal tea house has created this exclusive package with different flavors of tea along with the accessories inside the box. You can easily think of this gift during Diwali.

Gifting Mythology- Iktara

Some people are really very religious in nature. They are inclined towards the mythology as well as culture.  Iktara is such an organization that will speak about several gods and goddesses in India. The facts and info about Hindu deities is present in the mythological books.

Handicrafts By Advitya

You will be surprised to learn that, some very sweet and lovely gifts are made by children. Those are packed in a decent manner and made available for purchase. It will include the handmade home décor items, jewelry pouches, patchwork, mirror work, etc. Some attractive handmade gifts for children are also available here. Both, children as well as adults will love to get such gifts.