• May 30, 2016
  • Goodwyn Tea

Tea, the staple drink for almost half of the world’s population, comes in different flavors and colors. Some like black, some like red, some like green and others like it mixed. And it is safe to say the ones who are habituated with any one of the above, cannot get over it. Over the past few decades, as we are slowly graduating towards the healthy living options (of course after we’ve deteriorated our lifestyles and our stomach to the point from where there is no going forward!), importance of healthy options such as organic food and green tea have grown enormously. Visit any online tea store and it will be filled with green tea varieties.

Now green tea is certainly filled with the goodness of nutrients and antioxidants improving the human body in every way possible. However, it is not the only tea type providing those benefits. Most of the people in today’s generation do not have much idea about ‘white tea’ and its benefits. Perhaps this can be attributed to the nature of humans trying to associate themselves with names that are branded as better (read, ‘GREEN’ tea). So busting the myth, here are few White Tea Benefits that prove that white tea is as beneficial as green or any other organic tea in every sense.

Cancer preventing properties

One of the major property that makes white tea rare and above all is its cancer-preventing properties. Researchers have identified that the quantity of few specific polyphenols in white tea is higher than all other organic tea forms, that helps in mitigating the negative effects of the DNA due to cancer causing cells.

  1. More antioxidants- White tea has more antioxidants than any other tea, including green tea making it exclusive and best organic tea in terms of beneficial properties.
  2. Less bitter than other organic teas- Both green tea and white tea has antioxidants as well as nutrients with proven health benefits. However, white tea is less bitter compared to others as the leaf is plucked during early stages.
  3. More helpful in retaining youth- The polyphenol count in White tea is much higher this means the more you drink white tea, the more gorgeous your skin becomes! Studies have demonstrated that regular drinking of White Tea helps in preventing wrinkles and fine lines.
  4. Higher ability to fight with diseases-White tea stores several antimicrobial qualities that help in protecting the human body against various diseases. Compared to black or green teas, White tea is less processed thereby retaining higher phytochemical levels. Also, lesser processing means less labor and less time in production.

A healthy tea is always a good choice to make. White Tea is definitely rare, exclusive and much more beneficial compared to other organic tea forms. White is available online across various websites. You can purchase Goodwyn White tea online with a click, get it at your doorstep, sip it and rediscover its essence.