• Apr 24, 2019
  • Alex Troop

Shopping is certainly an art which can be best exposed in a country with immense diversity like India. With such dynamic industries, India is the paradise to for shopaholics. There are unique gifts that you can take home from this country. Indian products display traditional handloom, handicrafts, fine craftsmanship, creativity and extraordinary use of local resources.

Weight and size of the gifts will not be a constraint as India has all kinds of items on offer. Let’s find out some gift items you can carry home from this country.

  • Himachali Caps, Himachal Pradesh

These are traditional caps worn by Himachal people. The colorful band on the cap is a signature style of the state. These caps, though do not cover up the ears, can keep cold away. Gifting a Himachali cap will be showcasing the rich culture of India.

  • Pashmina, Kashmir

Pashmina is a soft woolen item which is made from handspun fiber. Despite being costly, this is a preferred gift item. Pashmina shawl represents the beauty and creativity of Indian handloom.

  • Jewelry, Delhi

There is a saying that whatever you get in any state and city, you will get it in Delhi. Jewelry is a famous item in Delhi. There are big markets of contemporary, traditional and designer jewelries. You can find jewelry pieces in every street but beware of authenticity of the items.

  • Tea

Whoever has visited India has fallen in love with Indian chai. There is huge varieties of teas in the country – green, white, black, oolong and so on. Each plantation produces a distinct variety of tea which has exquisite color, taste and flavor unique to itself. Popular tea types are Darjeeling tea, Assam tea, Kangra tea, Munnar tea, Nilgiri tea, Karnataka tea and so on. Anyone visiting these places should take a pack of their local tea home.

  • Jaipuri Razai, Rajasthan

Jaipuri Razai is a signature gift which embraces all warmth and love of Jaipur. This is a light weight quilt available in cotton, velvet and silk. It is a perfect gift from India as the person using this masterpiece of Rajasthan will always remember you.

  • Brass ware, Uttar Pradesh

Brass ware from Uttar Pradesh can add a fine decoration piece to your home. These brass items are even exported to foreign countries like Germany, Canada, Britain, and USA. Thus, you should not miss the chance have an exquisite gift item. They portray the rich art of India.

The list is just endless; these are only a few to mention. There are many more such gift items from different states which can beautify your home.