• May 24, 2016
  • Goodwyn Tea

Birthdays are a special event of one’s life. If the birthday is of your close friend, then it is important for both of you as both will have to do something important right? And with so many gifting ideas for friends, your head is surely going for a spin.

Now had you been Joey, (from FRIENDS of course!) then you could have gotten away with an hour of ‘Joey’ coupon or even an orange, but alas! Joey is only one. So what gift to choose when it comes to your close friend? It should be unique right, because it’s your best friend! In most cases, our mind will first wander to things that we love most, some of whom are obviously the likes of champagne bottles, alcohol and chocolates. But think about this, these are common as in we have them anyways, birthdays or no birthdays. So what gift can you give to your close friend which is unique, does not create any harm (like others mentioned above) and make them fit and healthy?

Don’t give a gift, gift a new life

Most of us are addicted to tea, the usual ‘chai’. Tea is an integral component of our lives and whether we accept this or not, we can’t just ignore it. So by gifting your friends a healthy option such as Goodwyn Meditative Tulsi Harmony (as well as pledging them to drink it regularly!), you are giving them a new life. We all know Tulsi (basil leaves) is a medicinal plant with loads of nutritional and healing properties.

Therefore, Meditative Tulsi tea is loaded with antioxidants which not only gives you a better heart, better lungs and better skin, but also instantly improves your mood and gives you a lively feeling. Phew! So much benefits in one tiny cup of tea! Hence, it is one of the better gifting ideas for friends compared to normal gifts such as artifacts or chocolates! Not only this, Tulsi tea can be extremely helpful during fever as it has anti-biotic and anti-bacterial properties giving instant relief from fever. Also, the essential oil and antioxidants in Tulsi Tea help in beating diabetes. So what are you going to gift? A healthy liver or a weakening one?

So what are you waiting for? Grab your purse, rush to the nearest tea store and pack a nice gift of Goodwyn Meditative Tulsi Harmony tea. And if your friend refuses to take, then you have this article!