• Oct 19, 2016
  • Goodwyn Tea

How often you gift loads of calories to your loved ones? Quite often? But when was the last time you actually gifted health to them? Can't remember, right? So, why not make this festive season an excuse to take a step towards a healthier tomorrow. Fruits sound great but sadly it is highly perishable; it's like to tie an alarm clock along with the gift basket. Instead, going for a gift which can be stored for some time sounds more convenient.

Health Tea Box

So how about going for healthy tea gifts this season? Tea has been an old friend of Indian breakfast since centuries. But not all kinds of tea is healthy. So what do we mean when we say “healthy tea”? Yes, you may be thinking about the health-benefits-stuffed green tea. But which flavor of green tea should you choose? After all, green tea does comes in wide range of flavours to choose from and each of these offer a unique taste and benefits.

We have a solution – The Health Tea Box!

The Health Tea Box is a package of health gift in which every tea bag is packed to strengthen your immune system and soothe your taste buds. Every pack of health tea box contains 6 unique flavours of herbal tea which are:

  • Green tea
  • Tulsi green tea
  • Jasmine green tea
  • Peppermint
  • Chammomile
  • kashmiri Kahwa

This tea package rightly justifies its name “Health Tea Box”, as it contains 10 tea bags of each of these wonder potions. The catalog consists of a list of benefits each provides. It also mentions the ideal time to have it in order to get maximum benefits from the same. This package consists of 60 servings, and it is recommended to have 2 cups a day to complete the monthly health regime.

In this busy schedule, when no one has adequate time to exercise regularly and are too lazy to follow a strict diet regime, it comes as no surprise that we are getting entrapped to various illness. Regardless of our routine, we somehow manage time to grab two to three cups of tea everyday. A great deal of better results can be achieved by substituting the contents of these cups with healthy tea bags.

So, go for health tea box for yourself and your loved ones and welcome a healthier tomorrow. Apart from getting numerous health benefits, you can also enjoy a variety of taste to soothe your taste buds. You never know, your favourite flavour of tea might be hiding inside the Health Tea Box!