• May 10, 2019
  • Alex Troop

Jasmine Tea

Tea is now available in variety of flavors. Jasmine tea is one of the varieties that are now very well available in the market. Did you know the origin of this tea? Yes, it is an ancient Chinese tea variety which has its origin at Fuzhou, Fujian, China.

About The Jasmine Flower And Its Conversion To Tea

Jasmine flower is a well known form of flora that is meant for its ornamental beauty. People have been using these flowers to decorate their home and also make the house fresh with its fragrance.  This flower is also used for making tea. This was first found by the Chinese. Today, the tea with Jasmine flavor is now enjoyed by people residing in various parts of the world. The tea base is colored as white and green. Do you know why? It is just because it is infused between the jasmine petals as well as its buds.  It brings a unique aroma when it comes to tea making procedure.

 Jasmine Flower And Facts

Over 1000 years ago, the Jasmine flower was used as a scent while making the tea. This has its origination in Persia (Iran).  According to the world history, the Jasmine flower was imported to China. Do you know when? It was during the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD)

Today, the tea makers are available in London. Some of the best farmers and tea producer’s work together to make the wonderful variety of the Jasmine tea.  The facility of tea production in London tea estate or the manufacturing unit is commendable. In this connection one important element is used to make such tea. Do you know what? It is the Camellia sinensis leaves.

How To Make Jasmine Tea?

It is during the spring time that the Camellia Sinesis tea leaves are harvested.  Thereafter they are stored in a good place till the summer season comes. The harvesting process takes place in early morning or during the day. Mark that, the task of harvesting take place with the help of hand. Also, the jasmine flowers are stored in a cool place. Soon they will open their petals and spread the refreshing aroma. Soon after this, one can easily start the process of making the tea.

The wonderful variety Fuzhou Jasmine tea is made by layering the flower with open buds, white tea as well as green tea .This procedure has a special name. Do you know what? It is ‘scenting;