• Apr 04, 2017
  • Goodwyn Tea

We live in a country where Tea is often considered as a drink for the elderly. By just borrowing a leaf out of our childhood days, we can easily recall the moment when father used to come home from office and mother would greet him with a cup of warm tea. The aroma of garden fresh Darjeeling tea would create a desire among us to taste this divine beverage, but as soon as a request was placed, reply would come something like this – “tea is not for kids”. However, did you know that some teas are not at all unhealthy for kids; especially when you have access to herbal tea in India!

Why parents prohibit their kids to drink tea?

We all have heard a big ‘NO’ from our parents whenever we requested them to let us have a cup of tea, but have we ever tried to understand the reason behind it? It is the affection of our parents towards us that restricts us to consume tea. Parents are well-aware of the fact that tea contains caffeine and consumption of caffeine can make a child hyperactive with low concentrating power. This means our focus while studying and playing would not be at peak. Therefore, the decision of the parents is well-justified. Nevertheless, in today’s world even kids can enjoy a heathy cup of tea with the herbal variant. 

Kids & Herbal Tea

In the past decade or so, there has been a steep rise in the demand of herbal tea in India. This is mainly because of the health benefits that it offers along with being caffeine-free. This tea is processed in an eco-friendly manner where use of chemicals and artificial flavoring is absent. Only the finest of tea leaves make it to the processing plant and later, is consumed by tea lovers. Even kids above the age of 7 years can consume this tea and enjoy its health benefits. Herbal Tea is said to offer benefits such as:

  • Improving digestion
  • Infusing fresh energy
  • Supplementing vitamins and minerals
  • Curing insomnia 

herbal tea in India

So, the next time you see a kid who desperately wants to have a cup of tea, offer him a cup of herbal tea. This will not only satisfy his carve for tea, but also give him the opportunity to appreciate one of the best gifts from Mother Nature. After all, every person in this world should have equal right to education and tea.