• Dec 15, 2018
  • Alex Troop

International Tea Day

This is all about today’s celebration! The International Tea day is for the tea lovers. These lovers also know how to keep themselves healthy by using different teas.  Alanna is our Tea Category Manager and she has joined afresh. She shares her favorite brews with us to celebrate this special day.

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Sweet Almond in Black Strong Tea

The black tea has got a strong taste and it is also very bold for the one who loves such tea. This has got caffeine and about 0.5mg of Fluoride in each cup. This helps keeping away oral plaque. If you drink this tea regularly, you can increase the metabolism of your body and thus reduce weight. The tea also helps in providing you with excess energy and can keep you alert for longer period. Drink this tea during –

  • Breakfast as an alternative of coffee
  • Mid-morning - to clear the blues and to gain energy

Drinking this tea without adding any milk and also without any sugar will give you better results.

Yellow Rooibos Tea with flavor of peach

Rooibo tea has got its own sweet taste and a delightful flavor. This is totally free of caffeine and can be taken in place of green tea or the stronger black tea. There are anti-inflammatory properties in this tea and it has got a lot of antioxidants. The tea also has flavonoids that help in keeping blood pressure at the lower range. The tea also helps in digestion and has got Chrysoeriol to bring a better blood circulation.

Drink this tea –

  • After a heavy meal or just before retiring for the day
  • After a heavy workout schedule and it helps in recovery
  • Drink it with honey and you can also add some milk if you want to

Masala Flavored Chai or Tea

This tea is often mentioned as chai and has got a strong flavor. There is 1/3rd quantity of caffeine in this tea as in a cup of coffee. This helps in digesting your food and it also helps support the immune system. The chai can calm the mind and help one to perform in a peaceful mind.

When to drink –

  • Drink this tea in the early morning or around the mid-morning. You can also take it before or even after a good meal.
  • Brew this tea with ½ cup of water and the same quantity of milk. Sweetener can be added as per your choice and you can also save calories by taking to low fat milk for the tea and replacement of sugar with some organic sweetener.

When you are brewing 8oz tea that is good for a cup, you need 1 teaspoon full of the tea leaves from H C Valentine tea.

For green tea – you must not boil the water too much and just 2 minutes of boiling will do the trick.

For Black tea – you must boil the water for 3 – 5 minutes and then add the leaves.

For Rooibos tea – Bring the water to a boil for 3 to 5 minutes and add the special leaves to prepare the herbal tea.