• Sep 20, 2017
  • Goodwyn Tea

Interesting Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers

If you have a tea fanatic in your gang, then you might be aware of the things he or she does just to have a sip of tea, right? For tea lovers, tea is something heavenly and they can go extra miles to have that aromatic bliss. They literally find excuses to have tea; actually, they don’t need any. No matter if it’s raining outside, snowing or the Sun is spitting out all its agony on the earth, a tea lover will somehow manage to sip his or her favorite blend.

A word of caution if you are planning a tea gift for your tea lover pal – a person, who loves tea truly, madly, deeply, hates tea machines because they find peace in handmade blends. So, never ever ask him or her to have the machine made drink or else… well, you are smart enough to get the clue.

Jokes apart, are you looking for a gift for your tea lover friend? When it comes to finding all-new gifting ideas for the lovers of tea, it actually gets a bit hard. Quite obviously, when you love something, you are more likely to have almost everything related to it. Isn’t it? Similarly, a tea lover would probably have all the basic covered. Therefore, finding a gift for him or her would be more like a challenge for you. But, don’t worry; we have curated some exciting and unique gift ideas for tea lovers. Here you go –

  • Tea-Rific Wishes Gift Box

As the name suggests, it’s a ‘te(a)rrific’ and unique gift box from the house of Goodwyn Tea. The best part, it is suitable for every occasion. Inside this beautifully designed box, there are 8 cubical boxes containing a premium collection of teas including – fruit, herbal and whole tea blends and a message inscribed on the top of each box. Each and every blend is carefully selected by the experts. All the 8 blends come in the form of tea bags designed in the form of silken and pyramid-shaped tea bags.

  • Tea Scroll Box

Designed like a scroll, this amazing and contemporary tea gift box is an ideal gift item for corporate gifting. Moreover, it can be gifted on other occasions as well.  This tea box contains 3 of most classic India tea blends – Masala Tea, Rhino Assam and Kashmiri Kahwa.

  • Assorted Gourmet Tea Box

Another classic from the Goodwyn Tea, this tea box is a special collection designed and curated for rendering a sensory delight to all your senses. It has 20 assorted premium tea blends, wherein there are 2 tea bags of every 10 flavors. The flavors include – Darjeeling Tea, Green Tea, Classic Assam Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Jasmine Green tea, Lemon Tea, Masala Tea, Peppermint Tea, Kashmiri Kahwa Tea and English Breakfast Tea.

  • Alluring Tea Chest

The name is quite self-explanatory; it is a graceful handcrafted wooden box embracing some of the best Indian tea variants. The best thing about this box is it can be customized according to the occasion, requirements and purpose of the buyer.

  • Season’s Greetings Tea Gift Box

When Diwali is almost there, what could be a better than this tea box. The box contains 8 flavors of premium tea blends, 4 Candles, 60 Grams of Dried Fruit and Five Honey Twigs.

So, when you have so many interesting gift times to choose from, gifting a tea lover becomes easy. Isn’t it? All tea gifting items from Goodwyn Tea are the real delights for the senses.