• Oct 14, 2017
  • Goodwyn Tea


Planning a home visit to someone and looking for something out of the box? Have the conventional festival gifts already drained the excitement out of you? Well, if you look beyond the traditional Indian gifts of sweet, fruit and money, we bring you a lot of ideas for a greater start.

Research and experience suggest that most of the sweets and fruits that are exchanged amongst family and friends are either wasted or distributed amongst the poor. The conventional gifting system has been a tradition for the Indians since a really long time and they have already started breaking through this monotony.

The trend in the gifting system suggests that Indians have been exchanging healthier items like tea, organic products and body care kits instead of the conventional gifts. With the culture setting in, the receivers seem to be pleased to receive something useful and enduring. The value of the gift instantly increases if the receiver finds some use out of it.

This is not the only reason for the trend of healthier gifts for setting in. Sweets and chocolates are always avoided by the older strata of the population because they either don’t like them or suffer from obesity or diabetes. The younger strata of the population has also become quiet health conscious due to rising number of diseases and issues caused by obesity or excess fat. These are the primary reasons why people have started accepting healthier gifts like a pack of varied flavors of tea or organic products which helps them live a healthy life. The lifestyle of people has thus taken a turn and a lot of people have become health centric.

This is not all! One of the major reasons why people have been shifting to gifting healthier products is because of the attractive packages offered by Goodwyn Tea. A plethora of flavors and customizable packaging has provided them the ease of wishful thinking as they suit every occasion and fit the tastes of every person. From Green tea to Kashmiri Kahwa, Goodwyn Tea also provides a diverse range of products with the guarantee of its good quality.

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