• Jun 08, 2019
  • Alex Troop


If you have bought the herbal tea recently, you must be willing to brew it in such a way that its taste really perfect. But, not everyone can brew that herbal tea in a perfect way. But, brewing the loose leaves and transforming it to tea is really simple. Following few steps can make it a perfect herbal infusion. It is not just a single variety of herbal tea; rather the steps are ideally good to make the tea variety like black, white, Oolong and green. It is always suggested to brew this tea variety for a shorter period of time. As a result, bitterness in the tea variety will be avoided.

Steps To Make Perfect Herbal Tea

Step 1

In the first step you have to see whether you have the loose tea leaves. If you don’t have, just get some loose herbal tea from the market. Different people use different type of separators for making tea. Mason jar is one of the well known appliances for this purpose. Once you have all the accessories, it’s time for you to start the process:

  • Take the Mason jar made up of glass and pour 1 teaspoon of loose herbal tea in it. This is for two people. If you want to make tea for 4-5 people 2 spoon or 2 and half spoon will be fine.

Step 2

Now, after placing the herbal tea leave inside the jar, you have to pour the glass jar with hot water. 

  • Once you have put the warm water, you have to close the jar with the lid over the jar.
  • Also, there is a particular time of placing the lid over the glass jar. If you want to have a light flavour, 4 minutes will be fine. But, some people wish to get strong flavour as well. In such a case 10 minutes will be fine.

Step 3

Once the soaking period is over, open the lid of the glass jar and pour the lea in individual mugs or cups. But remember to use a straining net. The tea leaves must not fall inside the cup which you will use for serving.

  • After pouring the tea inside the cup you can add lemon or any other flavours to add a different aroma.
Your herbal tea is ready now. You can easily pour it in a serving cup or a mug and present to your guest with cookies and other snacks.