• Oct 04, 2016
  • Goodwyn Tea

The three magical letters that changes our mood is TEA. When you add health to it, you get a magical potion called 'green tea'. You can buy green tea online and have it everyday, no matter what. When the weather changes from winter to summer, many of us change from hot green tea to green iced tea. Apart from using it as a beverage, matcha, powdered green tea is also used to make green tea ice cream. Sounds wonderful, tastes amazing! But while gulping (and digging) these beverage (ice cream), how many of us wonder how this cup of tea is processed?

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So, buckle up and jump into the world of green tea. Many people believe that green tea and black tea leaves come from different tea plants. If you are not of them, well and good; if you belong to the other group, no worries! Lets decode this today, after all it is NOT rocket science.

There is only one type of tea plant i.e. Camellia Sinensis, from which both black tea and green tea leaves are extracted. While making green tea, the tea leaves are picked and immediately processed to prevent fermentation. This is either done by drying or steaming. This step is skipped in case of black and oolong tea, in contrast, it is left for fermentation, which brings out the unique flavors of these leaves.

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The quick procession of green tea preserves the maximum amount of antioxidants. And thus, Goodwyn green tea remains the healthiest beverage since a long time. It is true that you can find various types of green tea, but these are extracted from variety of Camellia Sinensis plants, its growing conditions, methods of horticulture and time of harvest.

Each sip in a cup of green tea is filled with goodness. It contains a powerful antioxidant called catechins. Apart from refreshing the mood, it helps us to fight with several kinds of cancer, such as cancer of breast, colon, prostate and several others. It also contains ample amount of caffeine that improves brain's function in term of reaction time, vigilance and retention of memory. But the amount of caffeine in Goodwyn's green tea is lesser than that of coffee.

It was tiring, wasn't it? So go, brew a cup of green tea and help yourself.