• Jan 13, 2017
  • Goodwyn Tea
Health Tea Box 
A tea, Not any other but the very one, A shot gun,
Against all the daily discomforts, a collection from the Mountain sun.
Where the rivers run, fom the loving hands and caring lands,
The astonishing ‘Health tea’ that can subdue all the body’s demands.

Tulsi Green, The divine leaves which are unseen by many,
Filling the mornings with pure breath, worth every penny.

The serene jasmine green, soothing all the unrest inside,
Filling the day with a calm, caressing presence putting the pressure aside.

The green tea, Light, Loving and Longing, A gift from mother,
Filling up body’s battery, A new day, A new dawn, To go Further.

Kashmiri Kahwa, Brought down from Himalayan heavens,
Filling you with a peace away from all the aches, taking you to the paradise gardens.

The Peppermint, Fresh filled a pleasant rush, An invisible push,
Filling you with comfort away from all weather’s sway, Such lush.

Chamomile, The Angel of Night, filling delight in everything insight,
Filling the night with a soothing light, A sleep just right and tight.

Six different flavors, Six different healthy maneuvers,
Sixty bags of Tea, Six reasons to see tea lovers' glee.
A complete box, A joyous potion, A magical aroma,
The Health tea box, for the actual wealth comes from inside.
While any tea refreshes the moment, motivating people to reach their goal,
From the house of Goodwyn, every sip of it gives your taste-buds a roll.
To Replenish.. Refresh.. & Relax every single soul..