• Jun 17, 2016
  • Goodwyn Tea

Green Tea is a fantastic evening beverage, even more so if it is Tulsi Green Tea. It is a known fact that tulsi or basil leaves are filled with medicinal properties. It has been researched and evidences have shown than regular consumption of basil leaves is extremely helpful in making the body and mind overall healthy. However, those who have tried consuming basil leaves raw have divided opinions. Some like the taste while others can’t stand it. Therefore having tulsi in green tea is not only the best combination, but also a blessing for tulsi lovers. Purchasing Tulsi Green Tea online is also easy and just a click away.

Apart from offering full refreshment, whether morning or night, Tulsi Green tea is full of health benefits some of which are described below:

  • Lowers Cholesterol- Tulsi green tea is packed with power antioxidants which helps in lowering the cholesterol level, especially the bad cholesterol.
  • Good for heart-Tulsi is made of essential oils having medicinal properties. This tea combination, if regularly consumed, is known to reduce the chances of stroke due to heart ailments
  • Respiratory Benefits- A combination of Tulsi and Green tea is extremely wonderful for health of you is having any respiratory illness. Regular consumption of Tulsi Green Tea enhances the body’s immune system, suppresses cough and provide reliefs during lung pain.
  • Fights Congestion- Tulsi is made of essential oils like eugenol, cineole and camphene that provides relives during congestion.
  • Fights against inflammation- The anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial property of this combination tea is extremely good in fighting inflammation, infections as well as respiratory tract allergies.
  • Beats stress-Studies have suggested that Tulsi keeps the cortisol hormone level at a normal stage. This is the stress hormone. Thus, consuming Tulsi Green tea is definitely going to make you stress-free.
  • Hair and Skin Benefits- The high amount of nutrients and antioxidants in Tulsi Green tea is beneficial in maintaining healthy and beautiful tea.
  • Curbs Hair fall- Regular consumption of Tulsi green tea will not only make your skin glow, but will also reduce hair fall and scalp itchiness. It highly improved the health conditions.

So, I know it must be hard to believe that just one or two cups of tea on a daily basis can cure so many ailments and improve our health so much! But it is a miracle of the nature brought to you as one cup of hot steaming Tulsi green tea. Available across both tea stores and online websites, you can buy this green tea online and get it delivered at your doorstep. If you haven’t tried yet, give it is a try. You can also find sample packs available at the website and sample test the elixir.