• Sep 10, 2018
  • Alex Troop

With the festivities around the corner, corporate and personal gifts will be in huge demand in the coming months. In India, the festival of Diwali has been traditionally celebrated by lighting up of homes as well as exchanging and gifting of sweets to friends and family. This trend of gifting in India has evolved rapidly over the last few years. Earlier, it was limited to just giving expensive high quality dry fruit boxes or the typical ‘mithai’ or sweet packs which were majorly made by the women of the houses themselves. Times have changed, a Diwali gift could include latest gizmos, gadgets, home décor, exotic tea hampers, cutlery to beverages. Here Goodwyn Tea steps in helping corporate houses to choose the best tea boxes that includes Delicate Filigree Exclusive Gift Tea Box, Health Green Tea Box, Traditional Indian Tea and the list is exhaustive.

According to the report, corporate gifting enjoys the majority share in the market which is accounting for more than 80 percent of all gifting items. The advancement of Indian consumers has played an important role in shaping and bringing in this change in the gifting industry. Today’s consumers are more into personalization and have variety of choices to choose from.

These days, people are opting for teas as an innovative gifting option and Goodwyn Tea is helping to shape the gifting norms in a different way. Tea is such a kind of gift that can be customized keeping in mind the preferences and tastes of the recipient. This online store lets customers to choose from a wide variety of flavors like Darjeeling First Flush, Rhino Assam, Kashmiri Kawha, Jasmine Green Earl Grey, Masala Chai and much more.

A lot of design ideas about the tea gift boxes and packaging has been put to effective use by the team of Goodwyn Tea. The Tea Gift Boxes signify flamboyance and are classy like the ones made of royal exotic wood and veneer Wood, just to spell out some of the finest options available. The packaging is done with care blending the corporate flavour with the festive mood. This Diwali gifting loved ones and friends a unique personalized corporate gift that they would not only remember but cherish for a long time is easy. Goodwyn Tea is an exclusive corporate gift curator and provider. From the alluring tea boxes to jute bags-  tagginga personalized message along with a freshness-filled gift is where Goodwyn Tea’s forte lies.

Goodwyn Tea is a name to reckon with as one of the popular online tea stores in Kolkata, India, offering a wide variety of teas. This online seller helps in catering to the taste-buds and preferences of the people who are looking forward to buying tea and exclusive tea gifting options. It has a huge base of corporate clients that it can boast of!

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