• Aug 23, 2016
  • Goodwyn Tea

Who does not enjoy sipping a cup of hot tea while standing in the balcony enjoying the rain? It serves as a nourishment in the form of aromatic tea during drizzling monsoon. On one hand, it is enjoyed as milk tea over gossiping with friends; while on the other, it is consumed as green tea including in a slimming diet.

Tea was primarily considered as medical drink and thankfully later used as beverage. Indian tea has a worldwide reputation and demand for its rich aroma and taste. India competes with China constantly to grab the position of largest producer of tea in the world. As per recent statistics, India has settled for the second largest producer of tea in world and yet 70% of it gets consumed within the country. This fact is more than sufficient to show the love and addiction for tea amongst Indians.

Tea Gifts- Goodwyn Tea


Being Indians and belonging to the land of festivals, one of the most puzzling question remains: what to gift colleagues and relatives during festivals?  Everyone has received and gifted personalized diaries, pens, desk calendars, sweets and chocolate numerous times. Now, it’s time to change into more trendy and useful gifts.

There is a fuss about gifting tea these days, isn’t it? Why is it gaining popularity? Tea gifts are unique and special in its own way.  They offer several health benefits. Combining with elegant packaging and rich aroma makes it a wonderful gift that can turn everyone into a tea enthusiast.

Whatever may be the preferences one has, it cannot be denied that it remains loyal companion for everyone. So, gifting tea makes it even more special. At Goodwyn, you can get various packages, which include several types of flavoured tea. Experience goodness of each unique flavour and try new and discover new taste. You might surprise to discover a ‘new self’.

Goodwyn Tea Gift Basket

Apart from being Healthy and tasty, it is also ‘almost’ imperishable; which means you don’t have to worry if recipient is already overloaded with tea at home. If stored carefully, the premium quality of Goodwyn tea can last for months.

At Goodwyn Tea, you get huge varieties of tea gifts, which meet the varying preferences depending upon occasions. From the Premium Wooden boxes like Alluring Chest and Pine Trinkets to the Eco-friendly packages like Jute Bags, you can spread a personalized message along with a freshness-filled gift. Hence, make Goodwyn Tea gifts your gateway to impress your loved ones this season.