• Oct 24, 2016
  • Goodwyn Tea

Often it becomes difficult to choose between alternatives, like which is better, between tea bags and tea cans? Or which green tea flavour to pick. The most easy solution is to buy all. In this way, you can try different flavours and find new favourites. But what about the budget? Worry no more because Goodwyn Tea is offering several combo offers for you. Here is a brief information regarding each of these combo packs.

1. Chamomile Combo

Chamomile Combo

It's time to call off the long term battle between tea bags and loose tea. This unique combination of chamomile tea pack is a perfect blend of essence and ease. It offers you a can of loose chamomile tea which is full of flavours along with a pack of chamomile tea bags which is more effortless to make. On one hand, with loose tea, you can brew yourself a wonderful cup of chamomile tea while lying on a lazy couch at home. On the other, a tea bag is all you need along with a hot water flask on a busy camping trip.

2. Herbal tea combo

Herbal tea combo

Any herbal tea is beneficial for health without any doubt. But in this world, where everything comes with options, flavours of herbal tea is not behind in this race. You can find varieties of herbal teas in this combo offers. If you are new to herbal tea, then it might become a challenging decision to choose the right one. Goodwyn tea brings a this awesome combo package that offers the following flavours

  • Chamomile tea
  • Kashmiri Kahwa
  • Green tea

Each of these flavours offer unique set of benefits to its drinker and thus, going for this package is the first step to a healthier tomorrow.

3. Green combo

Green combo

Even though the history of green tea traces back to ancient Chinese dynasty, the follower of green tea is comparatively lesser than that of black tea. Some of us are even unaware that green tea comes in various flavours. Green combo is an ideal choice for those who are new to it or the ones who are looking for new flavours.

This combo contains three most delicious flavours such as:

So go for this combo pack and give the green tea a second chance, to find its way to your taste buds.

4. Green tea and Assam tea combo

Green tea and Assam tea combo

what is the most important factor after flavours, that we look for while buying tea? Its authenticity. There are number of tea suppliers in India, but not everyone of them offers authentic tea for you. Say goodbye to all your worries and place your order for this amazing combo. This package offers single origin authentic Assam tea and single origin green tea. These tea leaves gives you the perfect taste and aroma directly from the tea estates of Assam.

So, now that you know, where to buy your tea from, explore all you can and make new favourites.