• Aug 12, 2018
  • Alex Troop

Chamomile, enriched with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, belongs to the daisy family. In Italy, it is considered as the most beneficial herb to cure several health hazards. As in India turmeric has a multipurpose role to play, they use this tiny, white flower in many ways.

The numerous benefits and effectiveness of the herb makes chamomile tea the national beverage of Italy. Let’s read about the splendid benefits of drinking a cup of chamomile.

Treats Insomnia:

In Italy, this tea is used for treating sleep disorder. As it has a soothing as well as tranquillizing effect, drinking this tea after dinner can be fruitful for those, who are suffering from insomnia. Apart from gifting you a peaceful sleep, it can also help you in reducing several other sleep related issues.

Reduces Stomach Cramps:

Eating junk foods can cause terrible stomach pain and other digestive issues. When you have this miraculous drink in your hand that means, you need not to worry. The anti-inflammatory properties of the tea can help in easing the menstrual problems and stomach cramps as well. By increasing the glycine levels in the human body, it reduces the intensity of the muscle spasm.

Helps in Curing Digestive Problems:

For many years, Chamomile Tea has been playing a significant role in curing human health. According to a scientific research, it is now proved that regular consumption of this tea is able to cure digestive issues. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a common digestive issue of many, which can be treated easily by drinking this beverage.

Normalizes Blood Sugar:

To maintain the health of yours, keeping the blood sugar level under control is indispensable. Nowadays, doctors are also prescribing to have this health drink twice daily to maintain the blood sugar level under control.

Treats Anxiety:

Are you becoming anxious about trivial issues and feeling frustrated? Or you are being annoyed most of the time? If the answer is ‘yes’, you might be suffering from anxiety and depression. Though there are various therapy options to cure this issue, you should try the Chamomile Infusion from Goodwyn to soothe your mind.

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Stay well! Keep drinking Chamomile Tea!