• Apr 10, 2019
  • Alex Troop

In India, tea is most favorite as well as popular drink. Here, conversations are dull without a cup of hot tea and office hours are long without tea break. Therefore, when it comes to tea, Indians are the most possessive nation in the world. It dominates their lives significantly. Apart from the liquor tea and conventional tea made with milk and sugar, there are various innovative tea options, like- white, herbal, black, green and so on.  Among these types. Green Tea is the most famous. Have you ever imagined, what makes green tea different from normal black tea? Or why people are addicted to Green Tea? If these questions are puzzling your brain then read on this blog post carefully, here top three factors, which make green tea different from ordinary tea will be discussed to solve your queries—

Manufacturing Procedure:

These two types of teas differ primarily in their manufacturing process. Though both the variations are made from the same plant Camellia Sinensis, the distinct taste comes from the manufacturing process. In Green Tea processing oxidation as well as fixing plays a great role.It requires minimum amount of oxidation, while the normal option requires strict oxidation period.

Brewing Methods:

The recipe of tea dominates the flavours proudly. The brewing process is another important factor that differs the types. Normal tea can be made with milk and sugar while the process is completely different in Green Tea. You cannot add milk or sugar into it.  As it is known as the healthiest drink, people prefer to keep it simple. Therefore, the recipe or brewing method of it is quite simple. It does not require too many ingredients, just boil the water and put the tea bags into it. If you want to make it little sweeter, you can add honey into it.

Health Benefits:

Behind the immense popularity of Green Tea, the health benefits of this beverage are one of the strongest reasons. It has various effective health benefits, like- improves brain function, reduces weight, and lowers the risk of different types of Cancers and so on. Therefore, this drink is more than a drink, it is the best treatment for several human health hazards, while normal or black tea does not have these wide-ranging health benefits.

Keep sipping tea and be healthy, be fit!