• Mar 25, 2018
  • Goodwyn Tea

Darjeeling Tea Flushes to Rejuvenate Your Taste

The vast greenery of Darjeeling, caused by Darjeeling Tea Garden, is well known for its premium flushes. The specific climate of this hilly region plays a dominant role in nourishing its aromatic flavour. Darjeeling Tea is fractioned into several flushes according to seasons. To enjoy its authentic flavour choose finest Darjeeling Flushes.

Darjeeling First Flush: First Flush is known for its mild as well as tender flavour. Goodwyn's Darjeeling First Flush enriched by fresh tea leaves enough to provide you with a delicate taste. Having loaded with fresh ingredients, this tea has many health benefits too like- curing dental cavities as well as reducing obesity etc.

Darjeeling Muscatel Tea, Second Flush: Second Flush is the improved version of the former flush. It is less mild and a little sweeter than the previous one. Goodwyn’s special creation Darjeeling Muscatel mingled with Muscatel grape flavour can be your ultimate authentic Darjeeling Second Flush Tea to taste. As it is compiled with fruity flavour, it is a rich source of vitamin C that prevents bacterial issues and inflectional diseases.

Apart from these premium Darjeeling Flushes, Goodwyn Tea has a wide collection of classic Darjeeling Teas.

Darjeeling Tea, known as the ‘Champagne of Darjeeling’ is an authentic Darjeeling Tea to please your taste. It helps you to experience the pure flavour of Darjeeling Tea beeline from Darjeeling Tea garden. Infuse the tea leaves for five minutes and you are ready to explore the ‘Champagne of Darjeeling.’

Organic Darjeeling Tea, enriched with finest whole leaves helps you to recover your wellness in many ways like- Obesity, Heart Attack, High Cholesterol etc. Its beautiful golden bright colours, as well as nice aroma, make it more alluring.

Being puzzled by above-noted variations of Darjeeling Teas, there is another one to enhance your taste. Darjeeling Green Tea is a perfect tea for restoration and to relax with after a restless day. Spend some time by drinking Darjeeling Green Tea to breathe easy.

In this breakneck world of competition, anxiety needs no reason to irritate you. Without drowning yourself into any hassle, take plenty of Darjeeling Teas from Goodwyn and relax!