• Nov 26, 2019
  • Alex Troop

Its winter! It’s time for celebration and welcoming another year! New Year is round the corner and we all feel like gifting something to our near and dear ones. During this time, offering corporate gifts to clients and employees has also become a trend. Each time, you search for some unique gift item. Tea is a wonderful gift item that can be presented to people of any age.

Now, let’s take a look at some exclusive ways of gifting tea gift box in the corporate world…

  • New Year Tea Set

This New Year gift consists of a customized box with a customized cup and 30 to 60 tea bags. This box is a smart choice because it doubles as a calendar or frame. This is in fact a wonderful desk accessory that will provide your brand visibility throughout the year. You can personalize tea box with your brand logo and color.

  • Tea Scroll

This is a magnificent gift item that can make any occasion a special one. This set includes a gift box made from Rustic Veneer Wood that showcase luxury and royalty. Inside the box there will be three Tea Tin Caddies containing exquisite tea flavors of Darjeeling, Assam and Kashmir.

  • Rustic Veneer Box

This is a wooden box having a premium look. The box has six compartments where you can place tea bags of different flavors.

  • Alluring Chest 9X10 (Brown Color)

The chest is truly is “alluring” in feel and look. This is an elegant tea gift box specially meant for tea fanatics. The box is perfectly crafted with black matte wood making the box eco-friendly. The luxurious finish of the box makes it apt for any occasion. You can include your chosen flavored blends.

  • Silken Brown 6X10

This is a glossy brown gift box which embodies richness and luxury of different blends. This decorative box has a standalone look for its solid evergreen wood by which the box is crafted. This box can preserve every flavor of the blends – Assam, Darjeeling, Masala chai, lemon tea, Kashmiri Kahwa.

  • Jute Bags

This is an eco-friendly tea gift set which is easy to carry, use and store. This gift bag contains four Tin Caddies of choicest tea leaves of contrasting flavors. Such a gift is sure to make an occasion a splendid one.

These are only a few of the gift ideas you can try for this New Year. There are lots of other new year tea gifts sets that can make this occasion is a gracious one.