• Oct 25, 2018
  • Alex Troop

Tea has been a part of Indian culture from early Vedic times as far back as 750 BC, long before the Earl Grey had been introduced to us. Tea is not just a beverage that one consumes just for bodily needs; it is the primary social drink of the majority of the Indian Civilization till date, a symbol of sophistication while welcoming guests. However, tea is also medicinal if certain strains of it are infused with different herbs and spices. It is a step away from the regular milk tea one has while being part of a social situation.

Tea As A Part Of The Indian Society

Even though the mass commercialisation of the tea markets commenced from the British era, documentation has been found in the ancient scriptures on drinking tea. It has been theorised that priests used to consume them to stay awake, and then further medicinal properties of the tea were tapped into. Tea has multiple benefits such as relieving stress, boosting the immune system, fighting common infection, increase metabolism and lose weight.

Today we can get different kinds of specialised wellness teas delivered to our doorstep by ordering on the internet. In wellness tea products the tea is fused with specific spices and herbs to integrate with the body will accelerate the desired effect on the body. Besides being beneficial to health, the aroma of these particular blends of teas also fills one’s senses’ with satisfaction. One can find such blends from the online store, the Karma Kettle. Read on to find out more about some of their speciality products.

  • Ananda- Tulsi, Ginger, Marigold infused Green Tea

The blend has all the components to boost one’s immune system. The infusion created often speeds up the recovery process from small ailments such as common cold and the flu. It also helps in keeping away digestive disorders an even alleviates stress.

  • Bliss- Chamomile infused green tea

It is a caffeine free variety which aims to sooth the senses and provides a sense of relief after a stressful day. Since it is caffeine free, the tea helps one sleep peacefully. It is also loaded with anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties which keep the infections at bay.

  • Karakoram- Lavender, nettle and sea buckthorn infused green tea

The aromatherapy tea blend has originated from the Hindu Kush Mountain ranges and has been used to sooth the body into a peaceful sleep by alleviating tension. It has also been discovered to cure skin inflammations.

  • Matcha tea

The Japanese Matcha is known to be the purest form of green tea which has the power to balance the state of mind and the body. Also available as Matcha powder or in the form of desserts, the tea is deveined, stone pressed and compressed before it is sold. It is one of nature’s best antioxidants.

  • Shangrila- Darjeeling Silver needles

The classic white is made from processing the top two tea leaves and the buds of every pant in the tea plantations in Darjeeling. The tea is one of the most exclusive drinks in the global market and is known for its anti-oxidising properties.

Before buying tea online one must always make sure to double check the authenticity of the company and check out their customer reviews, as tea is one of the few luxuries we afford every day.