• Sep 22, 2016
  • Goodwyn Tea

There are several myths about tea. While many myths restrict you from sipping a cup of your favorite tea, some scare you deeply. But most of these does not have any scientific explanation and are nothing more than old wife's tales. Hence, we are going to help you to do away with these myths so that you can enjoy your favorite tea without any hassle!

Myth 1. There are different kinds of tea plants that produce different tea leaves.


There are four types of tea, namely- green, black, white and oolong. But they all come from same tree called- Camellia Sinensis. They differ in color and flavor due to difference in procession of tea leaves. For black tea, tea leaves are exposed to air, subjected to oxidation before drying. For green tea, leaves are processed to preserve the delicate flavors before steaming and sun-drying. Oolong tea falls somewhat between black tea and green tea, but they all belong to the same plant.

Myth 2. A cup of Coffee and tea contains the same amount of caffeine.


Dried tea leaves contains more caffeine as compared to coffee beans. But after processing, a cup of coffee contains more caffeine. Tea leaves can be infused for a second time, which further reduces the amount of caffeine it contains. Moreover the size of coffee mug is larger than tea cup, which means more caffeine in the prior one.

 Myth 3. Herbal 'tea' is tea


Anything that does not come from Camellia Sinensis is not a tea but an herb! Herbal tea or more appropriately herbal 'tisane' is any beverage that is prepared by infusing several herbs in hot water, it usually does not contain any caffeine. These herbs may be leaves, flowers or even barks of other plants.

 Myth 4. British people invented tea bags


There are some records of loose tea bags being used in ancient China. Tea bags were invented primarily by Thomas Sullivan, an US tea merchant. It was an accidental invention, the original intention was to empty the contents of silk tea bag into cups, but the customers found it was easier to brew while being enclosed in bags. With this, the long journey of tea bag began.

 Myth 5. Adding anything to tea reduces its health benefits.


Adding a little amount of lime or honey in tea is actually more beneficial for health. Citric acid preserve flavonoids, a component of tea that provides health benefits.

 Myth 6. Drinking tea makes you darker


It is a very common myth that drinking tea results in skin tone darkening. Skin colors is mostly a genetic factor along with the exposure to sun. Any noticeable change in skin tone is either due to prolonged exposure to sun or due to some health conditions. If this myth were to be true, then statistically all the British folks would have been dark-complexioned. Skin darkening has no correlation with drinking tea.

Busting tea myth was a tiring job. And now that you know all about it, its time to buy tea online and make yourself a cup of Goodwyn Tea. Enjoy and cheers!