• Oct 10, 2017
  • Goodwyn Tea


The victory of good over evil and the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya, Diwali brings about a number of reasons for all of us to celebrate. Piling up the sweets and crackers, all of us gather burn the blues and the dark. It is an investment solely for the love that it imparts.

“Investment” refers to the purchase of any asset which creates benefits in the future. An investment helps one curb losses and accrue future benefits beforehand. Notwithstanding the side effects of fire crackers on the environment and sweets on your body, you can possibly neglect the slow accumulation of the hazard but the future won’t miss out an opportunity to make you regret. Plunging into the side effects caused due to reckless consumption of sweets and fire crackers during Diwali, research proves that global warming reaches its peak in India during this particular festival. Street animals, domestic pets, babies and small children, senior citizens and other individuals have also stated their issue due to the unceasing sound and smoke imparted by the crackers. Sweets on the other hand are sold at a hike and they are known to cause nothing but food infection, diabetes and other illnesses. Thus, how can mankind probably invest in things like these? Why should mankind bring upon destruction to themselves and their successors? What is an alternative to this custom?

The answer is simple! Tea contains antioxidants which prevent the body’s version of rust and keep us young and protect us from damage from pollution. Compared to chocolates, tea has less than 50% caffeine which prevents the human body from being prone to heart attacks or any related diseases. Weight loss and protection of the bones are common health benefits of tea. This is not all. Tea is calorie free which helps boost the immune system, soothe the digestive system. Last but not the least, tea helps battle cancer.  

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