• Nov 17, 2017
  • Goodwyn Tea

Best Selling Wellness Teas in India and Their Uses

It's around 4 toward the evening and individuals are delicately tasting steaming chai (tea), here and there went with a scone or two, tattling with family and companions; this is a scene practically every Indian knows about. There is something practically mystical about the basic dull shaded drink that appears to catch the taste buds of us Indians.

With 3000 assortments, tea is currently the world's second most prevalent refreshment, after water. Of course, India positions quite high in the rundown of best tea-expending nations and is additionally the world's second-biggest exporter of tea.

Here's a rundown of 5 sorts of tea well known in India for their wellness benefits.

  1. Masala Chai

Include some Indian flavours, for example, elaichi, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and herbs to your regular dark tea and what do you get? Masala chai! This fragrant and flavourful drink began in India, however, is currently prominent in nibble houses over the world.

Health benefits: Prevents body irritation. Enables beat to weariness.

  1. Spread Tea

Spread tea or gur gur, as it is known in the Ladakhi dialect, is a drink mainstream in the Himalayan locales. It is customarily produced using tea leaves, margarine, water, and salt. Himalayan migrants are known to drink just about 40 glasses every day!

Health benefits: Since it contains a ton of spread this tea has a high measure of calories, which is reasonable for high elevations. It additionally forestalls dried out lips.

  1. Assam Tea

Assam tea, as its name recommends, is a dark tea local to Assam. The tea is known for its body, liveliness and solid malty season. It isn't just famous in India but at the same time is sold as a breakfast tea in numerous different parts of the world.

Health benefits: Increases mental sharpness. Can likewise help in keeping certain growths, for example, ovarian and lung malignancy.

  1. Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling tea is popular everywhere throughout the world. It has numerous assortments, including dark, green, oolong, and white. Regularly, Darjeeling tea is thin bodied and has a particular fragrant smell. A tea that relieves the faculties, you could state.

Health benefits: Helps avert stoutness. Has the extra advantage of averting gastric ulcers.

  1. Nilgiri Tea

Nilgiri tea, otherwise called blue mountain tea, is developed in the southern piece of the Western Ghats. It is a dull, flavourful and to a great degree sweet-smelling tea. Much the same as the Darjeeling and Assam teas, the Nilgiri assortment is likewise exceptionally prominent around the world. It makes awesome frosted tea as well.

Health benefits: It decreases weight and battle diabetes. It likewise enhances oral health, which implies fewer treks to the dental specialist.