• Apr 16, 2021
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In the wake of the second wave of the pandemic, frontline workers like doctors and nurses are fighting a battle of death with the covid-19 virus. Although 2020 has been a no less of a critical situation in the medical history of the country, this year it is all about a fight against an invisible enemy which is multiplying by the minute.

Therefore, we should come forward and thank these warriors for their immense dedication because without the doctors this would have been in a dire situation by now. Pandemic or not they definitely deserve a standing ovation for their service. Hence, to protect the fighters we have come up with a collection of immunity boosting tea variants that will help them to kick start the day on a healthy and positive note! Given in the blog below are some of the details for your perusal.

The Tea Boxes Loaded With Immunity Boosting Ingredients

This is perfect as an appreciation gift for the doctors. It consists of 30 immunity boosting tea bags that ranges in flavors like Tulsi Immunity, Kashmiri Kahwa & Immunity Glow. This 30-day tea combo is perfect for the covid-19 heroes who need an extra boost of vitamins and nutrients to ace the fight against the virus.

Covid-19 Care Kits

This combo consists of Ayurvedic Kadha tea pods and Steam Vap-Rizer which is especially curated to protect the doctor from combating the preliminary symptoms of the viral attack. It consists the goodness of natural ingredients like ginger, clove, tulsi, flennel, etc. that is known for boosting the immunity power in the human body.

The Impactful Health Tea Combo

This combo pack consists of 60 tea packs which is a blend of 6 variants of Green Teas, perfect for consumption at any time of day. You can find pleasant flavors that ranges from Chamomile, Peppermint Turmeric, Kashmiri Kahwa, Tulsi and Digestive Tea. The anti-oxidants of the green tea is perfect for allowing the natural anti-bodies to fight flu or any other viral arrack on the human body.

Chamomile Tea Bags

The soothing and calming Chamomile Tea bags are perfect for eliminating any mental distress which is often faced by the doctors. Be it insomnia, anxiety issues or stress, the relaxing chamomile tea is great for healing the mind to calm down and allowing the body to rest.

These tea kits are perfect as an appreciation unique gift for the altruistic service of the doctors. They say doctors are God’s gift to us. So, with the blessings that the almighty has bestowed upon us, it is time that we take care of the frontline workers who are risking their own lives to save countless people all over the country.