• Jul 12, 2018
  • Goodwyn Tea

No one can deny that they had not gone through the sufferings due to anxiety. In the present day, anxiety is a common issue for all.  It is a normal part of a modern lifestyle and left no stone unturned to damage the healthy lifestyle of us.

Anxiety can affect both your physical and mental health. Though there are various healthy ways to treat this problem, according to a recent study, tea can also aid anxiety. Here are some healthy teas, which can aid this issue.

Chamomile Tea:

For those people, who suffer from anxiety, Chamomile Tea is the best option. Chamomile is a herb, which has multiple benefits as well as beneficial for health in many ways. This tea contains essential oil of the dried flower. The medical use of this flower had started a long time ago in Egypt. Egyptians used it as a remedy to cough and cold.

According to research and study, this tea is highly beneficial in curing anxiety. If you are feeling anxious about trivial issue, then you should try the Chamomile Infusion of Goodwyn. It is enriched with dried Chamomile flower. Brew some Chamomile flower into hot water and relax.

Peppermint Tea:

When it comes to anxiety, peppermint tea is the best allies. The calmative property present in the tea can leave you relaxed as well as and help to release your stress, mental pressure. In this way, it can rejuvenate your mind and soul as well. Therefore, start drinking a cup of peppermint tea from now. Goodwyn Tea has plenty of Peppermint Tea variation to choose from like Peppermint Tea, Peppermint Infusion and so on.  All these teas contain natural mint leaves and are free from caffeine. Drink this tea before going to bed for the best result.

Green Tea:

Needless to say, that green tea has a tremendous effect on our health. The antioxidant agents of this tea can cure several health hazards. From obesity to anxiety, it can cure everything. Epigallocatechin gallate is one of the antioxidant ingredients of green tea, which is able to cure anxiety by normalizing the activity of GABA.

Try Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea of Goodwyn, which is a supreme amalgamation of Indian spices or you can try Jasmine Green Tea, to enjoy the mild flavour of Jasmine along with the benefits of green tea. Apart from these premium options, there are more to choose from like- Darjeeling Green, Tulshi Green, Dancing Green Tea and so on.

Try any of these teas to take a step ahead into your well-being!