• Feb 13, 2017
  • Goodwyn Tea

Our lives are surrounded by junk food and sedentary lifestyle. We keep piling up new unhealthy habits from time to time. Let it be adding an extra layer of cheese in pizza or sleep up to noon on Sundays. Instead of motivating from the fit ones, we stay more focused on comparing ourselves with the unhealthier folks around us. But now it is time to buy green tea online and add it to your diet.

Green Tea

Substitute your regular drinks and beverages with this wonderful potion. The beverage tea altogether is a healthier option, but this particular blend of tea does the most for your healthier life. Let’s dive deeper into it to learn what health benefits it provides.

For those who aren’t already aware of this fact, when you buy green tea online, it comes from the same plant as that of black tea. The procession makes the tea leaves taste different. Along with taste, the health benefits it offers changes drastically, making green tea the healthiest beverage, not only among tea but among every other drink as well.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and contains high amount of flavonoids. These help you to deal with everyday stress. Having a cup of green tea at night helps you to sleep better. Also, it improves metabolism. Thus, chances are high that you lose calories while snoozing peacefully.

One of the most amazing facts about green tea is that you can enjoy it as both, hot and cold, beverage. So, as the weather changes, the temperatures of the green tea changes accordingly to suit the taste buds.

There is a prevailing rumor that green tea does not taste good. Try for yourself before saying goodbye to this amazing health potion. If you are new to the whole green tea thing, then first have it with some honey and sugar. Once you begin to develop a taste for it, you can eliminate the sweeteners in order to get even more benefits.

It is advised to consume at least two cups a day to see the effective results. So, instead of loading your cups and glasses with sugar and high calories, adapt this healthy habit for a while and you will find yourself getting addictive to it.

Make green tea your best buddy to accompany your sleepy mornings and happening evenings.